Photographs and illustrationsGood quality photographs and illustrations can help lift a document and break up large expanses of text. Avoid using clip art. It looks unprofessional. Instead, use photographic images, illustrations, diagrams, flow charts or spider diagrams to help illustrate a point.

Bear in mind the different requirements of different types of information. For example, graphics should be used much more sparingly on the web because of the time taken to download images.

Remember to include captions to illustrations, tables and diagrams where necessary. Unless all illustrations are only referred to once, on the page where they appear, they will also need numbering. Check they have been referred to in the text.

Don't forget to get permission to reproduce pictures or diagrams from other people's publications if they are in copyright. The Data Protection Act 1998 also states that explicit signed consent should be obtained before taking and using any photographs, video or webcam images of an adult or child. Please refer to our guidance on this - Using images of people.