Text alignment and hyphenation

The County Council uses left-aligned text, ie it is aligned to the left margin and has a ragged right margin. This document uses left-aligned text. It is less formal than justified text and eliminates the need for hyphenation. This is in line with good practice under the Equality Act, as justified text creates ribbons of white space making it harder to read.

To turn off hyphenation in Word:

  1. first place your cursor on a paragraph of body text
  2. select Style from the Format menu
  3. click on Modify
  4. click on Format and select Paragraph
  5. select the Line and page breaks tab
  6. click on Don't hyphenate so that it is selected.

You will need to repeat this for other paragraph styles in your document.

If you are using columns, the text should also be left aligned. But don't forget to right-align whole numbers and use decimal tabs to align decimals, see tables and forms webpage for more information.

At present, the only exception to this is committee reports.