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Corporate Identity

Our Logos and Branding

Grant-aided organisations

Hampshire County Council provides financial and other support to a wide range of organisations. As a condition of the grant or other support, the organisation must acknowledge the Council’s support on its publicity material. This means that their posters, leaflets, signage, tickets and other publications must carry the logo.

Alterations and additions

The logo must not be altered, recreated, used as part of a sentence or have extra words added. It must only be reproduced in black, white or using the corporate colours.


Standard: For A4 and A5 documents, the logo text 'Hampshire County Council' should be 40mm across.

Small: On publications smaller than A5 the logo can be proportionally reduced. The smallest it can appear is with ‘Hampshire County Council’ measuring 30mm across.

Large: On A3 documents the text 'Hampshire County Council' should be 55mm across.

Download the logo

HCC logo reversed

supported by hcc Image 671kB reversed Jpeg file

supported by hcc reversed Tif file (for Microsoft Office use)

supported by hcc reversed Eps file (for graphics programmes)

HCC logo

supported by hcc Image 667kB Jpeg file

supported by hcc Tif files (for Microsoft Office use)

supported by hcc Eps files (for graphics programmes)

Need the ‘working with’ logo, or a version not available here? Contact the Council’s Communications Team.