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Guidance on using the logo for partnership arrangements

In a partnership, two or more organisations each provide a share of the finances and resource for a project, and any literature should show who has contributed. (If you are interested in circumstances where Hampshire County Council (HCC) pays another organisation to deliver services, please see the guidance on using the logo for contractors.)

The County Council is involved in many partnerships, and where these are promoted, the prominence of the County Council’s logo must reflect the nature of the Council’s role in the partnership.

When HCC provides the biggest share of funding or resource

When HCC is the lead partner, the standard corporate identity must be applied, with a 26mm band at the bottom, containing the logo on the left and the main web address on the right. If a 26mm band is disproportionate to the size of the design (eg on a postcard) then the band can be made more proportionate. If there is any doubt please check with HCC’s communications team.

The other partners’ logos can be displayed in the band. Where necessary to accommodate logos, the web address can be included in a narrow band immediately above the corporate band. Otherwise it should be included in the usual way.

If there are too many partners for this to be feasible, the partner logos can go on the back of the document. If there are simply too many logos to be pictured, names of partner organisations can be listed on the back of the document or inside front cover.

When all partners provide an equal share of the funding

Where all partners are equal, they will need to agree on a compromise between their various identities. Generally all partners’ logos should be the same size to avoid one dominating another, and displayed in alphabetical order.

When HCC provides less share of the funding than other partners

Where HCC is a sub-partner, the look and feel of literature will depend on the lead partner’s corporate guidelines. The HCC logo may be used without the band and web address.

When HCC provides resources such as staff or office space rather than money

The style in this case will depend on the lead financial partner’s corporate guidelines. HCC’s logo may be used without the band and web address.

Partnerships which have their own logo

In some exceptional cases, the partnership may have its own logo. This must be applied alongside the partners’ logos, which should be displayed according to the guidelines above.

If you work in partnership with HCC and a new logo for the partnership is being considered, please contact the HCC communications team for advice.