Walking in Hampshire

Ringwood To Sopley

Ringwood is a bustling town, with a market attracting large crowds every Wednesday. Walk through the centre of the town past the church where the route heads west, passing Monmouth House, where the Duke of Monmouth was held prisoner before being taken to the Tower of London to be beheaded; then leave West Street by a bridge over the mill stream.

The Path passes Bickeley Common, and on to the disused railway line where it continues south over the water meadows to Kingston North Common. Walk past Wattons Ford before rejoining the road at Bisterne Church. The Path uses the main road verge for a short distance past Bisterne Manor to North End Farm, where a track leaves the road and turns south through some woods.

Walk straight across open fields to another road, where the path joins a stream leading to Sopley. West of the Path is Tyrrell’s Ford. In 1100, King Rufus was killed by a loose arrow while hunting in the New Forest. The shot was fired by Sir Walter Tyrrell, who then fled to Normandy, crossing the river at the ford now named after him.

Distance: 6½ miles, 2½-3 hours  Large map

Route map