Walking in Hampshire

History along Hangers Way

The Hangers Way has many historically interesting sites and places to visit along its route dating from the prehistoric period to the recent past.

There are many Bronze Age burial mounds in the area at Hawkley, Wheatham Hill, Petersfield Heath and War Down. Evidence of Roman settlement is also frequently found in the area at Alton, Buriton and in Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Alton lies on the main road from Winchester to London, in use since Roman times. In 1070 King William gave an estate at Alton to Hyde Abbey in Winchester in exchange for land in Winchester on which to build a palace. Later Edward II granted the town a nine-day fair, and the town would have benefited greatly from the trade along this major route.

During the English Civil War, the royalist Colonel Boyle and his men took up a defensive position in the church and churchyard of St Lawrence in Alton when parliamentarian Waller attacked and took the town in 1643. Colonel Boyle, and as many as 60 of his men were killed there.

Adjacent to Priory Farm near Selborne is the site of Selborne Priory, founded in 1233 by the Bishop of Winchester and suppressed 200 years later. The site where it stood is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

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