Walking in Hampshire

Noar Hill to Hawkley

The Way takes you past idling sheep and green pastures to Hawkley Hanger, where there are the remains of a Bronze Age burial mound.

In 1774 a dramatic event occurred here which Gilbert White described as, a large part of "the great woody hanger at Hawkley was torn from its place and fell down, leaving a high freestone cliff naked and bare, and resembling the steep cliff of a chalk pit".

Continue along this hanger until you come to Hawkley. The church here was constructed on the site of an ancient chapel, and its tower can be seen across the fields approaching the village.

Distance: 3 miles (5km) 1-2 hours Large route map

Petersfield TIC 01730 268829

Hawkley Inn, Hawkley 01730 827205

Route map