Walking in Hampshire

Rowlands Castle to Staunton

The Way passes the entrance to Havant Thicket, once part of the ancient Forest of Bere. During World War II, this wood was used as an army assembly point before the invasion of Europe. The wood was bulging with troops, equipment, vehicles and tanks, and there was even a tank-repair workshop on the village green. Here, King George VI addressed the troops before the D-Day landings, and the King’s Stone commemorates the occasion.

At the edge of the thicket you can see the private lodge that once stood at the north gate to the Staunton estate. Look for the date marked out in bricks in the lodge wall.

You can stop here at Staunton Country Park to discover rainforest, visit the animals at the ornamental farm, puzzle your way through a maze or have some refreshments.

Distances 2 miles (3km), 1 hour

Havant Tourist Information Centre tel 023 9248 0024

Staunton Country Park tearooms, tel 023 9245 3405
Harvester R.C. tel 023 9241 3761

Places of Interest
Staunton Country Park, tel 023 9245 3405   


Rowlands Castle to Staunton Country Park route map


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