Walking in Hampshire

Gosport to Langstone

To the west of the path are the historic docks and three fantastic maritime museums and many other attractions in the City of Portsmouth.

Back to the water's edge, the Way goes past the neck of the harbour then Clarence Pier, with its bright lights and arcades, and along to Southsea.

Leave the deckchairs and candy-floss behind and enter the calm of Langstone Harbour and the wild Farlington Marshes. This expanse of coastal grassland is a haven for migrating birds.

Distances 12 miles,  5 hours  Large route map

Gosport Tourist Information Centre, tel 023 9252 2944
Portsmouth Tourist Information Centre, tel 023 9282 6722
Havant Tourist Information Centre, tel 023 9248 0024

Places of interest
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, tel 023 9286 1512

Old Oyster House, Milton, tel 023 9282 7456

Route map