Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning


Applications and queries about planning permission for homes and businesses should be addressed to your local District or City Council office, this table may help in explaining the roles of County and District.


22/05/18 - Revised guidance for preparing responses to planning applications

We have prepared some revised guidance to help local communities prepare responses to planning applications  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 267kB taking into account the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (2018). Our updated Privacy Notice’s also provide more information on how we will deal with any representation made on planning applications, complaints and minerals and waste policy.

Planning application fee changes take effect on 17 January2018

  • Fees for planning applications are set to rise by 20 per cent. The increase affects fees for all planning applications in England and will come into effect on 17 January 2018. Please note that any application validated on or after this date will be subject to the fee increase.


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How to prepare a response to a planning application  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 267kB

Development Management Charter  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 14MB

Development Scheme

Development Scheme (latest version)

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Monitoring and Enforcement

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Enforcement and Site Monitoring Plan  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 14MB