Strategic Planning

Appeal Details

Appeal Number: APP/Q1770/C/08/2065088
Site Code: WR210
Application Number:  
Location: Four Dell Industrial Park, Poles Lane, Otterbourne
Proposal: Material chage of use from Part farmland to storage of waste materials associated with highway maintenace works
Appellant's Name: R W Plant (Chantacre) Ltd
Case Officer: Peter Chadwick
Contact e-mail:
Appeal Received: 15/02/2008
Appeal Type: Enforcement
Appeal Method: Local Public Enquiry
Questionnaire Due: 29/02/2008
Statement of Case:
Proof of Evidence: 28/03/2008
Inquiry Date: 07/10/2008
Venue: GUILD
Appeal Decision: Dismissed
Decision Date: 30/10/2008
Decision Maker: Inspector
Attachments: Appeal Decision Covering Letter - Amended
Appeal Decision - Amended