Strategic Planning

Appeal Details

Appeal Number: APP/Q1770/A/98/298395
Site Code: TV106
Application Number: TVS0465/7
Location: Birchwood House Farm, Sherfield English
Proposal: Deletion of conditon 22 of PP No. TVS465/3 to allow the deposit of waste within 100 metres of surrounding properties
Appellant's Name: Hughes Waste Management
Case Officer: Julia Davey
Contact e-mail:
Appeal Received: 29/07/1998
Appeal Type: Refusal of Permission
Appeal Method: Hearing
Questionnaire Due: 12/08/1998
Statement of Case:
Proof of Evidence:
Inquiry Date: 09/02/1999
Appeal Decision: Dismissed
Decision Date: 09/03/1999
Decision Maker:
Attachments: Appeal decision