Strategic Planning

All Appeals in East Hampshire

Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
APP/Q1770/A/11/2143480 EH015 Selborne Brickworks, Honey Lane, Selborne, Alton GU34 3BS The construction of an anaerobic digester including lagoons, feedstock handling building and gas conditioning unit on the existing brickworks site and adjacent land to enable the production of sufficient biomethane to supply all the energy that the brickworks require, all vehicle movements associated with the operation of the AD plant will use access road across Chapel Farm from Oakhanger Lane that has the benefit of planning permission
APP/Q1770/C/08/2072355 EH142 Chapel Farm, Roman Road, Oakhanger GU35 1JB Enforcement Notice
APP/Q1770/C/07/2048350 EH152 The Avenue, Lasham Breach of Planning Control
APP/Q1770/A/07/2048347 EH152 The Avenue, Lasham, Nr Alton Use of agriculture barns for storage of waste paper and biomass
APP/Q1770/Q1770/A/07/2033911 EH015 Selborne Works and Clay Pit Honey Lane Selborne Alton Hampshire GU34 3BS Relief from conditions 4 and 7 of planning permissions F20661/037/CMA & F20661/038/CMA
APP/Q1770/A/05/1171912 1171913 EH015 Selborne Clay Pit, Honey Lane, Selborne Application under Section 73 of Town and Country Planning Act 1990 not to comply with condition 4 of Planning Permission F20661/037/CMA & F20661/038/CMA (No clay shall be removed from the site other than that required for brick making)
APP/Q1770/A/05/1172459 EH139 Green Composting & Recycling Site Blackmoor Estate, Blackmoor Variation of condition 13 of F35283/001/CMA (correction of number of daily lorry movements)
APP/Q1770/A/04/1142791 EH018 Southleigh Landfill Site, Emsworth Common Road, Havant Variation of condition 2 of PP. F27242/006/CMA (hours of operation)
APP/Q1770/A/1137851 EH046 Bordon Sandpit, Sleaford Variation of Condition 2 of PP. F20310/7 to extend the time period
APP/Q1770/A/1137852 EH046 Bordon Sandpit, Sleaford Temporary permission to operate waste recycling operation, involved in the imporation of waste material, screening, crushing of pre-sorted material to produce secondary aggregates and the export off site of both processed & no precessable material
APP/Q1770/C/03/1113494 EH144 Hazel Cottage, Chase Road, Lindford, Bordon Enforcement Appeal
APP/Q1770/X/03/1110178 EH144 Hazel Cottage, Chase Road, Lindford, Bordon Certificate of Lawfulness for storage of waste
APP/Q1770/M25/1/70 EH015 Selbourne Brickworks, Honey Lane, Selbourne Environment Act 1995: Section 96 & Sechedules 13 & 14 Appeal against determination of conditions
APP/Q1770/C/98/1010528 EH027 Moorlands, Hogmoor Road, Whitehill, Bordon Bund
APP/Q1770/96/275529 EH130 Hazleton Farm, Horndean Clay extraction, landfill and waste recycling
APP/Q1770/M23/2/018 EH056 Renown Lime Quarry, Lower Froyle Determination of a scheme of opeation & restoration on IDO