Strategic Planning

All Appeals in New Forest

Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
APP/Q1770/B9506/A/07/2053701 NFNP003 Upper Hanger Farm, Totton Western Bypass, Totton Change of use of farm buildings to a waste recycling facility and construction of a screening bund
APP/Q1770/X/06/20012291 NF252 Newbourne Farm, Rockbourne, Fordingbridge Lawful use certificate for the processing of green waste
APP/Q1770/06/2026438 NF075 Site at Ambervale Farm, Pitmore Lane, Sway Variation of condition 9 of planning permission APP/Q1770/A/03/1118751 (original ref. 75507 NF075) to allow 44 HGV movements on weekdays and 23 on Saturdays
APP/Q1770/06/2017520 NF218 Holbury Waste Transfer Station, Park Lane, Holbury Application to import, store and sell primary and recycled aggregates and recycled soils
APP/Q1770/A/06/2014823 NF177 Downton Manor Farm~~Milford on Sea Extraction of sand and gravel, constructing a vehicle access and environmental banks, restoration to lakes, woodland and agricultural fields at Downton Manor Farm.
APP/Q1770/C/1118307 NF075 Land at North Common Lane, Sway Enforcement Appeal
APP/Q1770/A/03/1118751 NF075 Ambervale Farm, Pitmore Lane, Sway Waste Transfer Station and inert MRF
APP/Q1770/A/02/1093774 NF075 Land at North Common Lane, Sway Continued use of waste transfer station
APP/Q1770/A/99/1029508 NF225 New Lane Orchard, Bashley, New Milton Construct a fishing lake and extraction of gravel
APP/Q1770/A/98/290586 NF176 Ashley Manor Farm Extract sand & gravel, processing & concrete batching, offices, weighbridge etc
APP/Q1770/A/97/278238 NF219 Dibden Bay Spreading of greensand dreaded from main channel & temporary storage 5 years
APP/Q1770/A/97/278237 NF219 Dibden Bay Speading of gravel dredged from main channel & temporary storage 5 years
APP/Q1770/A/97/278239 NF219 Dibden Bay Spreading of green sand dredged from main channel & permanent deposit
APP/Q1770/B9506/A/08/2070081 NF235 Hampshire Turf, Northern Access Road, Fawley Facility for resource recycling, recovery and transfer
APP/Q1770/A/94/246467 NF161 Badminston Farm, Fawley Extension to existing sand and gravel pit
APP/Q1770/A/86/54412 NF097 Land at Lodge Field, Ellingham nr Ringwood Extraction of sand and gravel with restoration to agriculture using imported inert material
APP/Q1770/A/90/150756 NF186 Mockbeggar, Ibsley Sand and Gravel Extraction