Strategic Planning

All Appeals in Test Valley

Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
APP/Q1770/C/12/2168797 TV253 Site at Bunny Lane Recycling Facility, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, Romsey SO51 0PG Unauthorised Bund
APP/Q1770/A/04/1171018 TV051 Ridge Quarry, Ridge Lane, Romsey Proposed recycling of construction & demolition waste & associated develoment
APP/Q1770/A/04/1158830 TV209 Solehill Farm, Sherfield English Construction of waste transfer & recycling station including the demolition of existing agricultural buildings, construction of ancillary offices, toilets, parking & improvements to access road
APP/Q1770/A/03/1115518 TV197 Pilgrams Farm, Steplake Lane, Sherfield English Import inert construction & demoltion wastes including concrete, brick, earthspoils soils & subsoils in place of a proportion of the recycled soils permitted under a GDO
APP/Q1770/A/02/1089228 TV051 The Triangle, Ridge, Romsey Extraction of sand and gravel with restoration back to agricultural land using on site clays and controlled wastes
APP/Q1770/A/02/1083262 TV061 Woodington Farm, East Wellow Revised restoration scheme
APP/Q1770/A/02/1083261 TV061 Woodington Farm, East Wellow Extension of time
APP/Q1770/C/1083808 TV061 Woodington Farm, East Wellow Bund
APP/Q1770/A/98/299582 TV119 Manor Farm, North Baddesley Use of land for recycling of waste including installation of plant and ancillary works
APP/Q1770/A/98/298962 TV066 Existing Landfill Site, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Use of land for the recycling of waste including installation of plant & ancillary works
APP/Q1770/C/98/1010392 TV106 Birchwood House Farm, Sherfield English Appeal against Enforcement Notice - Unauthorised Extraction
APP/Q1770/A/98/298395 TV106 Birchwood House Farm, Sherfield English Deletion of conditon 22 of PP No. TVS465/3 to allow the deposit of waste within 100 metres of surrounding properties
APP/Q1770/A/98/295324 TV181 Defence Estate, Training Area 5 A303 Barton Stacey Waste Transfer Station for commercial & industrial waste (category B) and inert Waste
APP/Q1770/C/98/650308-9 TV019 Vale Farm, Longparish Gravel extraction
APP/Q1770/M25/2/3 TV082 Hatches Farm, West Wellow, Romsey Inclusion of site in 1st list of Review Mineral Planning permission under Environement Act 1995