Strategic Planning

Application Details

Application no.: 08/01512/HCS (map)
Site Reference: WR200
Location: Silverlake Garage, Row Ash, Botley road, Shedfield
Proposal: Minor amendments to planning permission 07/00714/HCS to change alignment of fire access to enable improved fire emergency service working area and associated realignment of planting, security fencing and additional obscure netting to north east and north west boundaries, variation of condition 5 to allow storage of vehicles to a maximum 4 high excluding 15m on east boundary at 3 high
Received: 10/06/2008
Validated: 10/06/2008
Start of Public Consultation: 10/06/2008
Public Consultation Expiry: 18/07/2008
Decision: Granted
Decision date: 24/09/2009
Appeal Status: Appeal not lodged
Case Officer: Julia Davey
Case Officer Telephone: 01962 846732
Contact e-mail:
Agent’s Name: Richard Stone
Agent’s Address: Silver Lake Garage
Row Ash
Botley Road
Applicant’s Name: Silverlake Garage
Applicant’s Address: c/o Agent