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All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
16/10041 NF101 Ibsley Quarry, Ellingham Drove, Ellingham, Hampshire BH24 3PJ Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 72196 to extend the time period for the completion of the restoration scheme from 31st December 2015 to 31st December 2016
15/11666 NF172 Solar farm along Tavells Lane Marchwood Southampton Hampshire Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission 12/98402 to extend the time limit.
15/11609 NF018 Veolia Waste Transfer Station, Normandy Way, Marchwood Hampshire SO40 4SR Extension to transfer bay and use of part of site for storage of empty containers and bins
15/11254 NF222 Marchwood Wharf, Oceanic Way, Marchwood SO40 4BD Installation and operation of an asphalt plant for a period of 5 years
SCO/2015/0407 NF271 Forest Lodge Home Farm, Hythe Scoping Request: extraction of sand and gravel and restoration within inert fill
15/11153 NF172 Land south of Bury Road, Marchwood, Hampshire SO40 4UD Installation and operation of a solar farm and associated infrastructure with planting and fencing
15/10979 NF105 Blue Haze Landfill, Alderholt Road, Somerley, Hampshire BH24 3QE Construction and operation of a plant for the processing of road sweepings and gully waste to recover material suitable for use in landfill restoration
SCR/2015/0254 NF172 Land South of Bury Road, Marchwood, Southampton Screening Opinion: Solar Farm
15/10539 NF091 Land at Bleak Hill I and II (Hamer Warren Quarry) Somerley Variation of conditions 1, 10, 12 & 19 of planning permission 14/10309 to revise the working and restoration schemes
15/10518 NF097 Land at Ellingham Farm, North Somerley, Ringwood Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 11/98107 for a time limited extension for the restoration of Ellingham Quarry
15/10301 NFE020 Poulner Infant School, North Poulner Road. Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3LA Installation of a double temporary modular classroom with associated hard and soft landscaping
15/10293 NF018 Veolia Transfer Station, Normandy Way, Marchwood Hampshire SO40 4SR Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 11/98085 for the retention of the temporary waste transfer station buildings
15/10294 NF018 Veolia Transfer Station, Normandy Way, Marchwood, Hampshire SO40 4SR Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 14/10124 for the retention of the glass bay and the recyclables bay
15/10236 NFE020 Poulner Infant School, North Poulner Road, Ringwood Hampshire BH24 3LA A new canopy is proposed to replace the existing one. To provide a bigger area of sheltered play for the children
14/11784 NF255 Blashford Quarry, Salisbury Road, Blashford, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3PF Proposed Five year Time Extension for Operations at Nea Farm Quarry , and Revised Restoration Profile under Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 without complying with conditions attached to Planning Permission 09/94701 ( the ??Plumley Wood and /Nea Farm, Somerley, and Blashford Quarry, Blashford combined mineral permission)
14/11753 NF252 Newbourne Farm, Rockbourne, Hampshire SP6 3NT Removal of condition 1 of planning permission 13/10972 (limiting permission to five years)
SCO/2014/0474 NF269 Land at Roeshot Request for a Scoping Opinion: minerals extraction and processing, concrete batching plant, importation and treatment of inert material to enable progressive restoration to mixed use of agriculture, heath and open space
14/11530 NFS013 New Forest Family Centre, The Anchorage, North Road, Dibden Purlieu Southampton SO45 4PG Demolition of existing Family Centre.~Erection of a New Detached two storey 6no bedroom 'Family Unit' sized childrens' home, serving four children, and associated building works, ~Change of use from D1 Non-residential institutions (Family Centre) to C2 Residential Institutional
14/11272 NF265 Breamore Marsh, Breamore Estate Lane, Nr Fordingbridge SP6 2DF Excavation of non native plants from Breamore Marsh and transport to nearby hollow
14/11072 NFG008 Brooklands Farm, Stuckton, Fordingbridge SP6 2HE The proposed development will include dismantling dilapidated buildings, construction of new farm buildings, laying a yard extension and renovating salvagable existing buildings
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