Strategic Planning

All Applications in Basingstoke and Deane

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
BDB/67668 BAE050 Chiltern Primary School, Chiltern Way, Basingstoke, Hants RG22 5BB New single storey Childrens Centre with associated external works
BDB/67621 BA057 Weston Common Wellsite, The Avenue, Lasham Importation of compressed natural gas by trailer and discharge to generate electricity involving the setting out of a trailer discharge area
BDB/67497 BAE012 Kings Furlong Junior School, Upper Chesnut Drive, Basingstoke Renewal of field gate with side panels, renewal of pedestrain gate
BDB/67425 BAE015 Cliddesden Primary School Cliddesden Basingstoke RG25 2QU Small resource room, single storey and matches detailing, materials and style of existing building
BDB/67298 BAE056 Testbourne Community School, Micheldever Road, Whitchurch, Hampshire RG28 7JF Change of use application - existing site managers house to be used as a special needs teaching space
BDB/67254 BAE046 Manor Field Infants School, Haydn, Road, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke RG22 4DH New extension comprising of a multi-purpose room and entrance area together with alterations within the existing infant school to provide toilets & office accommodation
SSC/2007/0190 BA057 Humbly Grove Oilfield, Weston Common, The Avenue, Lasham Request for Screening and Scoping Opinion for proposed export of gas by trailer from Singleton to Humbly Grove Oilfields, installation of a comproessed natural gas unit at Singleton and importation of gas to generate electricity
BDB/66661 BAE055 Marnel Infant & Junior School, Shetland Road, Popley Way, Basingstoke RG24 9PT Expansion of Marnel Infant & Junior School - 55sqm entrance extension, 50sqm courtyard extension Junior School - 770sqm extension containing 6 classrooms & new main hall.
BDB/66344 BAE016 Dove House Special School, Sutton Road, Basingstoke RG21 5SU Provision of one modular temporary classroom unit, for a temporary period, to provide extra teaching space, including WC's within the unit - paths and access routes included in this application
BDB/66252 BAE023 The Clere School & Technology College, Burghclere, Newbury Proposed new single storey science laboratory in an existing school courtyard
BDB/66136 BAE002 Brighton Hill Community School, Brighton Way, Basingstoke RG22 4HS Provision of one double and one single modular temporary classroom unit for a temporary period
BDB/66045 BAE024 Burnham Copse Primary School, New Church Road, Tadley, Basingstoke RG26 4HN The extension and refurbishment of the existing former junior school building into a 1 Form Entry Primary School.
BDB/66030 BA125 Basingstoke Sewage Treatment Works (STW) Basingstoke New inlet works building and new blower house
BDB/65562 BA124 Veolia Depot, Wade Road, Daneshill Industrial Estate, Basingstoke Renewal of temporary change of use - storage of old refrigerators and freezers
BDB/65138 BAG008 Overton Library, High Street, Overton, Basingstoke Access improvements works to internal door to improve access to the library for people with disabilities
BDB/65040 BA123 Wastewater Treatment Works, Highclere Chemical dosing unit
BDB/64951 BAE022 Cranbourne Business & Enterprise College, Wessex Close, Basingstoke RG21 3NP Removal of existing fence and erection of new 2m high steel palisade fence to school boundary
BDB/64815 BAHZ001 Humbly Grove Oilfield, Weston Common Application for variation of the existing Hazardous Substances Consent (Ref: BDB/62586) to include provision for a gas injector booster compressor unit and associated infrastructure
BDB/64564 BA018 Waste Transfer Station, Wade Road, Basingstoke Erection of extension to existing waste recycling building
BDB/64542 BA057 Humbly Grove Oilfield, Weston Common, The Avenue, Lasham Application for the proposed erection of a building to house a gas injector booster compressor unit, the proposed erection of a gate house and switchroom building and the siting of associated infrastructure in Wellsite A and the laying underground of a 1.5KM length electricity cable from Wellsite C to Wellsite A
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