Strategic Planning

All Applications in Basingstoke and Deane

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
BDB/58475 BAE043 Ashwood Education Centre, Ashwood Way, Winklebury, Basingstoke Provision of one double and one single temporary classrooms joined together
BDB/58350 BAG003 Ravenscot Farm, Pamber Green, Basingstoke To construct a new milking parlour and dairy
BDB/58322 BAE050 Chiltern Primary School, Chiltern Way, Basingstoke Single storey extension and minor alterations to existing Junior School together with alterations to form a Nursery Unit, rationalisation of pedestrian acess locations
BDB/58169 BA031 Apsley Farm Landfill Site, Hurstbourne Priors, Nr Andover Variation of condition 1 of planning permission BDB50109 (extension of date by which landfill operation and site restoration shall be completed)
BDB/58170 BA031 Apsley Farm Landfill Site, Hurstbourne Priors, Nr Andover Variation of condition 1 of planning permission BDB 36296 (extension of date by which development shall be begin from 21 April 2004 to 21 April 2005 to allow time for determination of PPC application
BDB/58107 BA119 7 Bessemer Park, Bessemer Road, Basingstoke Receiving, sorting into batches of same type ready for export, spent lighting tubes plus dismantling of electronic scrap in readiness for recycling. Two metal storage units will be placed in the yard
BDB/57931 BAE049 North Waltham Primary School, Steventon Road, North Waltham, Basingstoke Contruction of pitched roof single storey buiding to provide school music room
BDB/57803 BAE016 Dove House School, Sutton Road, Basingstoke Construction of an extension to form new Autistic Spectrum Disorder space and new fitness suite
BDB/57509 BAE021 Limington House Special School, St Andrews Road, Basingstoke Provision of one double classroom with wc's
BDB/57479 BAE042 The Vyne Community School, Vyne Road, Basingstoke New enclosed fire excape at roof level
SCR/2003/0131 BA060 Mortimer Quarry Request for Screening Opinion Pursuant to Paragraph 5(1) of Part 11 of The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment)(England & Wales) Regulations 1999
BDB/56430 BAE048 Richard Aldworth Community School Western Way, Basingstoke Erection of new boundary fencing
BDB/56433 BAE015 Cliddesden Primary School, Cliddesden, Basingstoke New music room and corridor
BDB/56369 BA103 Little Bushywarren Copse, Herriard Extension to Green Waste Composting Facility
BDB56261 BAE047 Fort Hill Community School, Kennilworth Road, Basingstoke Provision of temporary building to provide a playgroup unit
BDB/56269 BAE020 Chalkridge Primary School, Sullivan Road, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke Two classroom extension and library extension
BDB56127 BAG003 Ravenscot Farm, Pamber Green, Basingstoke Installation of 12m x 18m underground slurry store (required in order to comply with legal requirements of NVZ's designation for farm)
BDB/56096 BAE014 Hatch Warren Junior School, Gershwin Road, Basingstoke Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref: 11447)
BDB56102 BAE019 Woolton Hill Junior School, Woolton Hill Continued siting of one single temporary classrooms (Ref: 11319)
BDB55959 BAS006 Oakridge House, Jefferson Road, Basingstoke New Nursing Care building and associated external works
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