Strategic Planning

All Applications in Eastleigh

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
S/07/61848 EAE016 Nightingale Primary School, Blackbird Road, Nightingale Avenue, Eastleigh SO59 9JW Modification to playground fence, change the existing 3m high fence, with 4.5m high at ends to surround an area half the size with 4.5 high fencing to each end and 3m high fencing to the remainder
S/07/61717 EAE006 Wildern Secondary School, Wildern Lane, Hedge End A single storey dining room extension is proposed within the existing eastern courtyard, this will contain the relocated boys changing rooms and the dining room extension, a new screen wall to the west of the dining hall is proposed to provide and improved frontage to the school by concealing ancillary accommodation and forming a gateway into the new landscaped courtyard
S/07/61642 EAE039 Town Hill Farm Community Centre Town Hill Way West End Southampton Proposed single storey pitched roof extension connected to existing third party owned community centre building to provide accommodation for proposed HCC run children??s centre, proposed 1.8 m wide tarmac footpath connected to existing entrance footpath and existing hard play area
S/07/61269 EAE030 Shamblehurst Primary, School Wildern Lane, Hedge End SO30 4EJ New extension to existing classroom block, the school currently has a double temporary classroom on site which is to be removed, the new classroom will be built adjacent to the existing rear elevation of the three classroom block on the north side of the site
S/07/61236 EAE015 Freegrounds Infant School, Hobb Lane, Hedge End, SO30 0GG Replacing a two classroom temporary unit with a new school entrance, with associated administration facilities and a new class space, internal minor alterations to create a second class and a relocated library
S/07/61122 EAE008 Hiltingbury Infant School, Hiltingbury Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh The purpose of the scheme is to provide a covered play area on an existing paved surface which will facilitate outdoor play in adverse weather conditions as well as providing a sheltered waiting area for parents collecting pupils.
S/07/60969 EAE035 Quilley School of Engineering, Cherbourg Road, Eastleigh Provision of one modular temporary classroom unit for a temporary period
S/07/60956 EA100 Chickenhall Waste Water Treatment Works, Chickenhall Lane, Eastleigh Retrospective planning application for construction of a Motor Control Centre (MCC) Kiosk (3 No.) and Transformer Kiosk
S/07/60462 EAR004 Within the Rangers Yard in Manor Farm Country Park off Pylands Lane, Bursledon SO31 1BH The proposal is to install an open fronted agricultural storage building for machinery and equipment to replace a similar building which existed on the same site
S/07/60421 EA105 Land on corner of 79 Mortimers Lane, with Knowle Lane, Fair Oak Application for a Certificate of Lawful Use for the use of land as a waste transfer station, the selling of aggregate materials, civil engineering and concrete/soil products
S/07/60188 EAE007 Toynbee School, Bodycoats Road, Eastleigh, Hants Replace existing fencing to redgra pitch with new 3.6m high weldmesh fence, resurface redgra with sythentic grass pitch surface, install 6 No. 15m high flood light columns, associated access footpaths and landscape works
S/07/60031 EAE006 Wildern School, Wildern Lane, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 4EJ Provision of two single temporary modular classroom units, for a temporary period
S/07/59152 EAE038 Wellstead Way (Road 18), Dowd's Farm, Hedge End, Southampton SO23 2LE New 210 place primary school to serve Dowd's Farm residential development
S/06/58733 EAE016 Nightingale Primary School, Blackbird Road, Nightingale Avenue, Eastleigh SO50 9JW Swimming pool enclosure fence. (3.125m high metal pallisade fence)
S/06/58445 EAE037 Kings Copse Primary School Kings Copse Road Hedge End Southampton Hampshire SO30 0PD New 210 place primary school with specialist resource provision unit for visualy impairment to replace existing scola building.
SCR/2006/0225 EA083 Fair Oak Landfill Screening Opinion: Proposal to extend the duration of non-intert tipping operation by 2 years, with a further 6 months for restoration
S/06/58145 EA083 East Horton, Fair Oak Landfill, Mortimer Lane, East Horton, Eastleigh Proposed extension of time for 2 years for non-inert tipping and a further 6 months for restoration (non complying with condition 1 of S/05/53266, condition 1 of 17314/007 and condition 1 of 17314/3)
S/06/57789 EAG002 Rookwood Centre, Penshurst Way, Eastleigh, SO50 4RJ Retrospective change of use from Infant School to Office Use for Children's Services
S/06/57760 EAE036 Bursledon Junior School, Long Lane, Bursledon, Southampton So31 8BZ Renewal of one double temporary classroom (Ref 11584)
S/06/57715 EAE011 Berrywood Primary School, Maunsell Way, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 2TL Renewal of temporary permission for one single temporary classroom (Ref 13469)
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