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All Applications in Eastleigh

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
S/05/54409 EAE032 Hamble Community Sports College, Satchell Lane, Hamble-le-Rice The erection of a new external fire escape staircase to the first floor on an existing two storey building
S/05/54211 EAE011 Berrywood Primary School, Maunsell Way, Hedge End New Staff Room
S/05/54214 EAE007 The Toynbee School, Bodycoats Road, Chandlers Ford New multi purpose suite, paths and two accessible parking spaces
S/05/53911 EA083 East Horton, Fair Oak Landfill Site, Off Mortimer Lane, East Horton Farm, Fair Oak Renewable Power Generation Scheme
S/05/53500 EAE031 Crescent Primary School, Toynbee Road, Eastleigh Continued siting of one double pre-school playgroup unit (ref: 10241) and one temporary classroom triple unit (ref: 12509 & 10490)
S/05/53266 EA083 East Horton, Fair Oak Quarry, Mortimer Lane, Fair Oak, Eastleigh Variation of conditions 9 & 13 attached to planning permission 17314/3 & conditions 2, 3 & 8 attached to planning permission 17314/7 to enable the deposit of non inert wastes in that part of Fair Oak Quarry nearest to the property known as Sandelwood (& for consequential amendments to the approved phasing) & to regularise the site opening times
S/05/53218 EA104 Hedge End Exploration Site, Off Woodhouse Lane, Botley The construction of an exploration drilling site, the mobilisation of a drilling rig, setting up & drilling up to 3 exploratory wells, a short well test , permission to include highway access, access track and hedge removal
F/05/53047 EAE031 The Crescent Primary School, Toynbee Road, Eastleigh Demolition of previous timber double classroom extension and link to be replaced with a two classroom and library single storey extension to existing school, the application also comprises the installation of a double temporary building to be sited in the playground of the school for the duration of the construction period
S/05/53028 EAE031 Crescent Primary School, Toynbee Road, Eastleigh Proposed replacement of existing gates and railings
S/04/52867 EA083 East Horton, Fair Oak Landfill, Mortimers Lane, Fair Oak, Eastleigh Relocation and replacement of existing gas flare with higher capacity flare
S/04/52869 EA046 Eastleigh Depot, Tower Industrial Estate, Chickenhall Lane, Eastleigh Installation of a concrete batching plant in a different location to that permitted under permission no: F/04/51427
S/04/52737 EAE004 Merdon Junior School, Merdon Avenue, Chandlers Ford Re-cladding - to remove exterior concrete cladding panels and windows and reinstate with new brickwork and windows
S/04/52649 EAE035 Alderman Quilley School, Cherbourg Road, Eastleigh Relocation of car park
S/04/52591 EAE033 Tankerville Special School (The Bridge Education Centre) 2c Newtown Road, Eastleigh Continued siting of two single temporary classrooms (Ref: 12005 & 12004)
S/04/52301 EAE023 Bursledon CE Infant School, Long Lane, Bursledon Demolition of two temporary classrooms. Construction of new playground and pedestrian access, extension to provide three new classrooms and resource space together with ancillary accommodation
S/04/52238 EA083 East Horton Farm, Fair Oak Environment Act 1995: Periodic Review of Mineral Planning Pemissions
S/04/51924 EA083 East Horton Farm, Fair Oak Landfill, Mortimers Lane, Fair Oak, Eastleigh Relocation and Replacement of Landfill Gas Flare
F/04/51766 EAE005 Lakeside School, Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford Partial demolition of existing Boarding House. Construction of two-storey classroom extension
S/04/51717 EAG002 The Rookwood Centre, Penshurst Way, Boyatt Wood, Eastleigh 2.0m High Railings and 2.4m high Weldmesh Fencing
HCC/2004/0188 EAE016 Nightingale Primary School, Blackbird Road, Nightingale Avenue, Eastleigh Provision of one temporary classroom with wcs and an amendment of layout to previous planning application (F/04/50374) for a temporary period
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