Strategic Planning

All Applications in East Hampshire

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
F30653/003/REG3 EHR023 Alton Library, Vicarage Hill, Alton, Hants, GU34 1HT The replacement of existing library with a new library.
F.33361/001/REG3 EHE028 Anstey Junior School, Eastbrooke Road, Alton. Alterations to main gates.
01/66380/000 EH018 Southleigh Landfill Site, Emsworth Common Road, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2PB Installation of a foul sewer connection.
F30364/010 EHE021 Petersfield Infant School, St Peter's Street, Petersfield, GU32 3HX 5 Classroom extension and internal alterations
F20661/32 EH015 Selborne Brick Works, Honey lane, Selborne Extension of time for the retention of a clay storage shed until 31 May 2002.
F24847/13 EH025 Bridges Land, Kingsley Quarry, Bordon. Hants Restoration of Quarry Land
F23214/002 EH138 Petersfield Depot, Borough Road, Petersfield The construction of waste transfer bays for the de-watering of gully waste
F22087/8 EHE004 Grayshott CE (C) Primary School, School Road, Grayshott Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref: 10146)
F200/007/REG3 EHE006 Ropley CE Primary School, Ropley, Alresford Extension to provide classroom, lavatories, stores and circulation
F23757/006/REG3 EHE030 Rowlands Castle, St Johns Ce Primary School, Whichers Gate Road, Rowlands Castle Contruction of a play court
F27242/006/CMA EH018 Southleigh Landfill, Emsworth Variation of condition a of PP F27242/1/c for the continuation of extended hours of working for the disposal of local authority waste
F29272/002/FUL EHE036 Weyford Infant School, Mill Chase Road, Bordon Replacement of HORSA hut and temporary classroom with an extension to the main building containing two classrooms and ancillary spaces
F31502/005/REG3 EHE023 Four Marks C E Primary School, Five Lanes End, Alton Extension of existing play court area, including low ground shaping and planting
F20800/015/REG3 EH094 Household Waste Recycling Centre, St Lawrence Road, Alton Renewal of a temporary permission to operate a Household Waste Recycling Centre for a further 2 years
F28174/028/REG3 EH137 Site A, Phase 3, Omega Park, Wilsom Road, Alton Development and operation of a household waste recycling centre and construction of an access road
F22196/006 EH056 Renown Lime Quarry, Well Lane, Lower Froyle Proposed use of quarry as a satellite earth station including the siting of up to 54 satellite dishes (**the conversion and alteration of existing buildings for use as offices and ancillary storage**WITHDRAWN)
F25508/008/REG3 EHE010 Chawton Primary School, Chawton, Alton Single classroom and hall extension including demolition of temporary buildings and external caretakers store/wc block and associated hard landscaping
F20552/029/CMA EH003 Butser Hill Lime Works, Portsmouth Road, Petersfield Continued use of land for the siting of a mobile crushing and screening plant for the recycling of construction wastes
F24399/006 EHE005 Rowledge CE(C) Primary School, Rowledge, Farnham Single storey extension comprising hall and two classrooms
F22024/008 EHE029 Mill Chase Community School, Mill Chase Road, Bordon Provision of one double temporary classroom unit
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