Strategic Planning

All Applications in East Hampshire

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
F30364/011/REG3 EHE021 Petersfield Infant School, St Peter's Road, Petersfield, Hants GU32 3HX Continued siting of two single temporary classrooms Nos. 8735 and 11682 and one double temporary classroom No 9388 until 31 August 2005 to accommodate numbers on roll and pending completion of permanent extension to the school
F30653/003/REG3 EHR023 Alton Library, Vicarage Hill, Alton, Hants, GU34 1HT The replacement of existing library with a new library.
F.33361/001/REG3 EHE028 Anstey Junior School, Eastbrooke Road, Alton. Alterations to main gates.
01/66380/000 EH018 Southleigh Landfill Site, Emsworth Common Road, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2PB Installation of a foul sewer connection.
F30364/010 EHE021 Petersfield Infant School, St Peter's Street, Petersfield, GU32 3HX 5 Classroom extension and internal alterations
F20661/32 EH015 Selborne Brick Works, Honey lane, Selborne Extension of time for the retention of a clay storage shed until 31 May 2002.
F24847/13 EH025 Bridges Land, Kingsley Quarry, Bordon. Hants Restoration of Quarry Land
F23214/002 EH138 Petersfield Depot, Borough Road, Petersfield The construction of waste transfer bays for the de-watering of gully waste
F22087/8 EHE004 Grayshott CE (C) Primary School, School Road, Grayshott Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref: 10146)
F200/007/REG3 EHE006 Ropley CE Primary School, Ropley, Alresford Extension to provide classroom, lavatories, stores and circulation
F23757/006/REG3 EHE030 Rowlands Castle, St Johns Ce Primary School, Whichers Gate Road, Rowlands Castle Contruction of a play court
F27242/006/CMA EH018 Southleigh Landfill, Emsworth Variation of condition a of PP F27242/1/c for the continuation of extended hours of working for the disposal of local authority waste
F29272/002/FUL EHE036 Weyford Infant School, Mill Chase Road, Bordon Replacement of HORSA hut and temporary classroom with an extension to the main building containing two classrooms and ancillary spaces
F31502/005/REG3 EHE023 Four Marks C E Primary School, Five Lanes End, Alton Extension of existing play court area, including low ground shaping and planting
F20800/015/REG3 EH094 Household Waste Recycling Centre, St Lawrence Road, Alton Renewal of a temporary permission to operate a Household Waste Recycling Centre for a further 2 years
F28174/028/REG3 EH137 Site A, Phase 3, Omega Park, Wilsom Road, Alton Development and operation of a household waste recycling centre and construction of an access road
F22196/006 EH056 Renown Lime Quarry, Well Lane, Lower Froyle Proposed use of quarry as a satellite earth station including the siting of up to 54 satellite dishes (**the conversion and alteration of existing buildings for use as offices and ancillary storage**WITHDRAWN)
F25508/008/REG3 EHE010 Chawton Primary School, Chawton, Alton Single classroom and hall extension including demolition of temporary buildings and external caretakers store/wc block and associated hard landscaping
F20552/029/CMA EH003 Butser Hill Lime Works, Portsmouth Road, Petersfield Continued use of land for the siting of a mobile crushing and screening plant for the recycling of construction wastes
F24399/006 EHE005 Rowledge CE(C) Primary School, Rowledge, Farnham Single storey extension comprising hall and two classrooms
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