Strategic Planning

All Applications in East Hampshire

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
F37181/009/CMA EH152 The Avenue, Lasham, Nr Alton Use of agriculture barns for storage of waste paper and biomass
F39168/002/CMA EH153 Bentley Sewage Treatment Works, Rectory Lane, South Bentley Electrical kiosk
F21878/013/CMA EH142 Chapel Farm, Roman Road, Oakhanger To alter condition 2 of planning permission F21878/008/CMA to allow the existing finished levels to remain as they exist, despite the condition allowing for agreement to such levels by the County Council in writing.
F37181/008/CMA EH152 The Avenue, Lasham, Nr Alton Use of agricultural barns for storage of waste paper and biomass
F20661/043/CMA EH015 Selborne Works and Clay Pit Honey Lane Selborne Alton Hampshire GU34 3BS Relief from conditions 4 and 7 of planning permissions F20661/037/CMA & F20661/038/CMA
F21595/023/REG3 EHE038 The Petersfield School, Cranford Road, Petersfield, GU32 3LU To construct a new dance studio
SCR/2006/0204 EH151 Stoner Hill, Petersfield Screening Opinion: proposed remedial works to C18
F23214/003/HCC EH138 RCS Petersfield Depot, Borough Road, Petersfield, Hants GU32 3ND The permanent approval of an existing Waste Transfer Station located in the Hampshire Highways maintenance depot, for the reception and de-watering of biodegradable gully arisings and inert materials generated from highway maintenance works
F29239/010/CMA EHE020 Greatham Primary School Petersfield Road Greatham Nr Liss GU33 6HA Proposed 275m2 single storey extension and demolition of temporary classroom
F22196/007/CMA EH056 Renown Quarry, Well Lane, Lower Froyle Importation of chalk for storage reuse and restoration
F28150/002/CMA EHE045 Binsted CE Primary School Church Street Binsted Nr Alton GU34 4NX Erection of canopy
F20292/004/CMA EH022 Basing Home Farm, Privett Infill old disused farm pit with inert soil from foundations
06/67492/002 EH018 Southleigh Landfill, Emsworth Common Road, Nr Havant Extension to existing leachate treatment plant, installation of inflow balance tank, update SCADA system, chemical and nutrient dosing plant, new pH and DO sensors, sludge extraction system, modifications to pipework, caustic soda tank
F21280/007/CMA EHE040 Eggars Secondary School London Road Holybourne Alton GU34 4EQ Construction of a 280m3 straight sided hoop space polytunnel
F21595/021/CMA EHE038 Petersfield School, Cranford Road, Petersfield, GU32 3LU Replacement of perimeter fencing to school site to match that previously undertaken
F30633/012/CMA EH121 Land at Frithend Quarry, Bordon Winning & working of sand with restoration at low level to nature conservation uses to include a southern extension to the existing extraction area, and the retention of the processing plant
F21271/016/REG3 EHR005 Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Gravel Hill, Horndean, Waterlooville PO8 0QE Construction of building for wood burner
F30633/011 EH121 Land at Frith End Quarry, Nr Bordon Environment Act 1995 - Review of Mineral Planning Permission - First Periodic Review
F30364/015/CMA EHE021 Petersfield Infant School, St Peters Road, Petersfield Continued siting of one single temporary classroom (ref: 11682)
F22879/012/REG3 EHE018 Amery Hill School, Amery Hill, Alton Amendment to the timing of permitted use of the synthetic turf pitch (Application F22879/011 granted 11/09/03) on Saturdays and to raise the fencing of the southern boundary in welded mesh to match existing, from the current 2.7 metre height either side of the goal to a consistent 3.9 metres along the entire boundary at Amery Hill School, Amery Hill, Alton
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