Strategic Planning

All Applications in East Hampshire

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
F.20310/022/CMA EH046 Bordon Sandpit, Sleaford Temporary permission to operate a waste recycling operation, involving the imporation of waste material, screening and crushing of pre-sorted material to produce secondary aggregate, and the export off site of both processed and non-processable material
F22087/9 EHE004 Grayshott Primary School, School Road, Grayshott Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref: 10146)
F22879/011 EHE018 Amery Hill School, Amery Hill, Alton New all weather pitch
F.26326/010/CMA EH133 Humbly Grove Oilfield, Lasham Variation of condition 12 of First Periodic Review of Minerals Permission F26326/009/CMA to allow the continued production of oil and gas
F22879/010/FUL EHE018 Amery Hill School, Amery Hill, Alton Various single and two storey extension to existing building, all to house education facilities and aid accessibility
F20619/013/CMA EH146 Venthams Farm, Froxfield Green Recycling construction and demoliiton waste for agricultural improvement work on the farm
F20619/012/CMA EH145 Venthams Farm, Foxfield Green Infilling of old pits for restoration and replanting for habitat
F20619/011/CMA EH147 Venthams Farm, Froxfield Green Upgrading farm tracks to attain a suitable surface for farm vehicles
F20310/21 EH063 Land north of Rifle Range, Baigents Hill, Headley, Nr Bordon (Rabbitfield Hill) Sand extraction, extention to RabbitfieldHill Sandpit - with restoration to agricultural and woodland
F20310/020/CMA EH063 Rabbitfield Hill Sand pit, Baigents Hill, Headley, Nr Bordon Revised restoration proposals
F24847/015/CMA EH025 Bridges Land, Kingsley Sand Quarry Review of Mineral Planning Permissions
F24847/014/CMA EH025 Kingsley Sand Quarry, Forge Road, Kingsley, Nr Bordon Review of Mineral Planning Permissions
F24003/022/CMA EH113 Home Farm, Petersfield Road, Ropley Waste Transfer Station
F24003/021/CMA EH113 Home Farm, Petersfield Road, Ropley Application for Certificate of Lawfullness for Waste Transfer Station
F20310/019/CMA EH046 Bordon Sandpit, Sleaford Variation of condition 4 of Planning Permission F20310/7 to extend the time
F20661/038/CMA EH015 Selborne Brickworks, Honey Lane, Selborne Further planning application for clay extraction
F20661/037/CMA EH015 Land adjoining the Brickworks, Honey Lane, Selborne, Alton Excavation of clay and reinstatement of the land to agriculture
F23757/009/REG3 EHE030 Rowlands Castle St Johns Primary School, Whichers Gate Road, Rowlands Castle Extend existing car parking facilities
F20532/009/REG3 EHE018 St Lawrence Primary School, Amery Hill, Alton Resource area extension and associated lobby entrance
F21079/006/TEMP EHE039 Whitedown Special School, Albert Road, The Butts, Alton Provision of one single temporary classroom unit
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