Strategic Planning

All Applications in Fareham

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
P/07/1072/CC FAE012 Neville Lovett Community, School St Annes Grove, Fareham PO14 1JJ Single storey Childrens Centre with associated external works
P/07/0893/MW FA074 Peel Common Wastewater Treatment Works, Newgate Lane, Stubbington, Peel Common Retrospective planning application for construction af a methanol dosing kiosk and MCC kiosk
P/07/0291/MW FA076 Hook Park Wastewater Pumping Station, Workmans Lane, Hook, Nr Warsash Development/refurbishment of the existing wastewater pumping station with extension onto adjacent arable field (change of use), construction of boundary fence around area to be purchased by Southern Water and an area of ground to be raised around the site of the former Ejector Station
P/07/0241/CC FAE029 Baycroft Special School, Gosport Road, Stubbington, Fareham PO14 2AE Single storey extension to existing school
P/07/0067/CC FAE030 Crofton Secondary School, Marks Road, Stubbington, Fareham PO14 2AT Provision of three temporary classroom units.
P/07/0018/MW FA070 Zebra Waste Disposal Services Ltd, Broadcut, Wallington, Fareham, PO16 8ST Increase height of permitted extension to Waste Transfer Station from 7.5m to 10m
P/06/1645/CC FAE029 Baycroft Special School Gosport Road Stubbington Fareham Hants New boundary fencing to main road 3.0m high wiremesh with posts at 2.5m and a 3.0m verticular access
P/06/1485/CC FAE010 Northern Infant School, Richmond Rise, Portchester, Fareham PO16 8DG Play area extension with terrace and associated landscaping.
P/06/1420/MW FA075 Wickham Road Wastwater Pumping Station (WPS), Wickham Road, Fareham Upgrade works to an existing wastewater pumping station including exiting wall to be rebuilt with new access gate, ground to reinstated, realignment of existing footpath, construction of a temporary contractors site compound not adjacent to development required for the duration of the sewer upgrade works
P/06/1414/CC FAR005 Stubbington Library, Stubbington Lane, Stubbington, Fareham PO14 2PP Internal/external refurbishment. Planning is required for the new penthouse louvre centrally to the top of the roof. Changes to the position and style of the main, staff, fire, boiler room entrances and exits. Removal of existing roof covering and replacement
P/06/1221/CC FAE014 Portchester Community School, White Hart Lane, Fareham PO16 9BD New two storey external fire escape lift to main block
P/06/1124/MW FA025 Warren Farm/Downend Quarry, Downend Road, Fareham Development and operation of a multi-purpose Waste Transfer Station within an existing quarry to accommodate a range of waste including commercial, dry recyclables, domestic and civic amenity waste and an element of sorting and pre-treatment
P/06/1033/CC FAE016 Crofton Hammond Junior School, Mancroft Avenue ,Stubbington, Fareham PO14 2DE Demolition of double temporary classroom on completion of two classroom extension comprising IT and Music, with extension of existing hall
P/06/1001/CC FAE003 St Francis Special School, Patchway Drive, Oldbury Way, Fareham PO1 2BN Renewal of one single temporary classroom (Ref 11401)
P/06/1011/CC FAE019 Crofton Anne Dale Junior School, Cuckoo Lane, Stubbington, Fareham Hampshire PO14 3PH Renewal of one single temporary classroom (Ref 10445)
P/06/0861/MW FA070 Zebra Waste Disposal Services Ltd, Broadcut, Wallington, Fareham Extension of waste handling building, erection of new southern boundary screen/fence, relocation of weighbridge and associated office, and installation of soil screening plant with building
P/06/0714/CC FAS001 Swanwick Lodge, Glen Road, Swanwick, Southampton SO31 7HD Demolition of Avon, Medina and part Hamble secure buildings, widening of access road, new roadway and parking area and 2m high brick wall
P/06/0443/CC FA032 Rookery Farm Landfill Site, Botley Road, Swanwick Recycling facility for processing of inert construction, demolition and excavation waste including the importation of compost for onsite soil conditioning, importation of sand for blending, and erection of additional screening bunds
P/06/0431/CC FA074 Peel Common Wastewater Treatment Works, Newgate Lane, Stubbington To vary condition 1 of Planning Permission P/05/1173/CC (Hours of HGV deliveries)
P/06/0273/CC FA032 Rookery Farm Landfill Site, Botley Road, Swanwick Replace the approved two storey checkers and mess room (P/04/1239/CC dated 03/08/04) with two single storey buildings, screen bunds to be increased
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