Strategic Planning

All Applications in Fareham

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
P/05/0813/CC FA064 Wallington Depot, Military Road, Wallington, Fareham Extension to canopy at rear of MRF building, relocated push wall resubmission for lapsed approval for canopy (Ref. P/03/0299/CC)
P/05/0809/CC FA064 Wallington Waste Recycling Centre, Military Road, Wallington, Fareham Construction of permanent mess, toilet and security facility
P/05/0782/CC FAE029 Baycroft School, Gosport Road, Stubbington Erection of 2.7 metre high galvanised weld mesh fencing on galvanised R H S posts
P/05/0310/CC FAE013 Henry Cort Community College, Hillson Drive, Fareham Proposed ground floor single storey extension to the staff room and library
P/05/0276/CC FAE014 Portchester Community School, White Hart Lane, Portchester, Fareham New two storey external fire escape to main block
P/05/0096/CC FAG003 Westbury Manor Museum, West Street, Fareham Installation of platform lift and ancillary works
P/04/1736/CC FAE027 Uplands Primary School, Morshead Crescent, Fareham Construction of a single storey flat roofed extension to enlarge the reception classroom
P/04/1566/CC FAE022 Oak Meadow Early Years Centre, Tewkesbury Avenue, Fareham Construction of new staff and vistors car park and mini bus garage
P/04/1522/MW FA032 Rookery Farm Landfill Site, Botley Road, Swanwick Recycling facility for processing of inert construction and demolition material
P/04/1450/CC FA073 Land within Allotment Gardens, The Gillies, Off Paxton Road, Fareham Erection of new concrete plinth and kiosk to house telemetry equipment
P/04/1239/CC FA032 Rookery Farm Landfill Site, Botley Road, Swanwick Retention of the raised checkers office
P/04/1061/CC FAE029 Baycroft School, Gosport Road, Stubbington 2.7m high galvanised weldmesh fence on galvanised angle iron posts
P/04/1001/CC FAE025 Castle Primary School, Castle Street, Portchester Single storey classroom extenion
P/04/0729/CC FAE029 Baycroft Special School, Gosport Road, Stubbington, Fareham Netley Chapel, Royal Victoria County Park, Hamble Lane, Netley
P/04/0730/CC FA064 Wallington Waste Recycling Centre, Military Road, Fareham Temporary retention of existing portacabins
P/04/0472/MW FA025 Warren Farm/Downend Quarry, Downend Road, Fareham Variation of conditions to allow continuation of waste recycling, crushing and screening and waste transfer operations
P/04/0283/CC FAE012 The Neville Lovett Community School, St Annes Grove, Fareham New entrance foyer and reception
P/03/1882/CC FA072 Wallington Hill Combined Sewer Overflow, Fareham Application for kiosk to house telemetry equipment
P/03/1887/CC FAE009 Park Gate Primary School, Northmore Road, Park Gate, near Fareham New music/drama room with disabled wc and store
P/03/1804/CC FAE004 Brookfield Community School, Brook Lane, Sarisbury Green Improvements to accessibility of main entrance, provision of pedestrian pathway, provision of accessible parking spaces and additional car parking spaces
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