Strategic Planning

All Applications in Fareham

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
P/03/0560/CC FAE013 Henry Cort Community School, Hillson Drive, Fareham Extension to sports Hall, ground floor changing rooms and first floor seminar room
P/03/0561/CC FAE002 Hook-with-Warsash CE Primary School, Chruch Road, Warsash New music room and accessible WC
P/03/0616/MW FA025 Warren Farm & Downend End Quarries, Down End Road, Fareham First Periodic Review of Mineral Planning Permissions- Application for deternimation of conditions
P/03/0430/CC FAE013 Henry Cort Community School, Hillson Drive, Fareham 2.4 metre high vertical bar fencing and gates between buildings at various points within the site
P/03/0298/CC FA064 Wallington Recycling Centre, Wallington, Fareham Temporary retention of existing portacabins
P/03/0299/CC FA064 Wallington Recycling Centre, Wallington, Fareham Erection of canopy on northern elevation of recycling building to cover the inerts discharge
P/03/0253/MW FA071 Woodleigh Farm, Funtley Road, Funtley Reinstatement of Former Brickpit and brickyard to agriculture using clean imported soils
P/03/0173/CC FA064 Wallington Waste Recycling Centre, Military Road, Fareham Extension to southern elevatoin of recycling centre to house a HGV workshop
P/03/0100/CC FAE026 Lord Wilson School, Coldeast Way, Sarisbury Green Construction of minibus garage, store and single storey office extension
P/02/1655/CC FAE003 St Francis Special School, Patchway Drive, Oldbury Way, Fareham Continued siting of one sinlge temporary classroom (No. 11401)
P/02/1644/CC FAE019 Crofton Anne Dale Junior School, Stubbington, Fareham Continued siting of one single unit (No. 10445)
P/02/0907/CC FAE004 Brookfield Community School, Brook Lane, Sarisbury Green Continued use of temporary classroom for adult education classes
P/02/0689CC FAE005 Harrison Primary School, Harrison Road, Fareham Single storey extension to form library
P/02/0688/CC FAE024 Orchard Lea Junior School, Kennedy Avenue, Fareham Classroom extensions and link corridor extension between main school and classroom block
P/02/0614/CC FA070 Zebra Waste Disposal Services Ltd, Broadcut, Wallington, Fareham Development of waste transfer station comprising of the erection of a waste transfer building, offices, revised parking and turning and new bridged access
P/02/0584/CC FAE028 Wallisdean Junior School, Wallisdean Avenue, Fareham Re-covering of existing ptiched roofs with new materials
P/02/0353/CC FA064 Wallington Depot, Military Road, Fareham Permanent mess, toilet and security facilities
P/02/0255/CC FAG002 Hollam Hill Farm, Titchfield Road, Fareham Construction of a 3 bedroom detached bungalow as a replacement for mobile home for occupation by working farm tenant
P/01/1296/CC FA064 Wallington Depot, Military Road, Fareham Temporary siting of portacabins for mess and toilet facilities
P/01/0758/CC FAE003 St Francis Special Needs School, Oldbury Way, (Patchway Drive), Fareham. Proposed post 16 unit, single storey building to north of site to include 2 no. main teaching spaces, private study area and toilet.
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