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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
K7136/61 GPE021 Quayside Education Centre, Mill Lane, Gosport Hampshire PO12 4AF Continued siting for 3 double temporary modular buildings (Ref: 711310, 711311 & 711312) and 1 single temporary modular building (Ref: 711396) on site for a further seven years until 31st August 2018
K15576/1 GPE020 Elson County Junior School, Exmouth Road, Gosport Hampshire PO12 4EX Following earlier demolition of the existing swimming pool this application is for the reinstatement of this area with either (a) new all weather surface - tarmac or similar (b) top soil and grass seed
K8181/3 GP022 2 Cranbourne Road, Gosport Hampshire PO12 1RJ Storage of mud and brick rubble
K8971/5 GP001 Household Waste Recycling Centre, Grange Road, Gosport Hampshire PO13 8AS Redevelopment of the Existing Gosport HWRC to remove the Health and Safety Issue of customer vehicles exiting via the bin servicing area
K6419/19 GPE002 Brune Park Community College, Military Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 3BU~~ Removal of an existing fence approximately 150m long and replacement with a 2400mm high galvanised weldmesh fence on heavy duty galvanised angle iron posts
K17799 GPE027 Bedenham Primary School, Bridgemary Avenue, Gosport Hampshire PO13 0XT Construction of a single storey Inclusion Unit and Associated Parking and External Works
K5322/11 GPE007 Grange Infant School, Franklin Road, Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire PO13 9TS Construction of a new stand alone 48 place Private Pre-School together with associated car parking and external works
K14011/18 GPE001 Bridgemary Community Sports College, Wych Lane, Gosport PO13 0JN Removal of existing fencing and replacement with 2400mm high galvanised steel pale fence to part of school boundary.~~(Retrospective application)
K6419/17 GPE002 Brune Park Community College, Military Road, Gosport PO12 3BU Continued siting for a double temporary modular building on site for a further period of time
K13994/9 GP017 20 Quay Lane Industrial Estate, Quay Lane, Hardway, Gosport Maintaining the temporary use of portacabin for use as offices associated with Waste Transfer Station
K6419/16 GPE002 Brune Park Community School, Military Road, Gosport Construction of boiler flues to Science Block and Main Block
K17678 GPH002 From Redlands Lane in Fareham South via disused Railway Corridor to Military Road in Gosport South East Hampshire Bus Rapid Transit Phase 1 Fareham to Gosport
K8971/4 GP001 Household Waste Recycling Centre, Grange Road, GOSPORT PO13 8AS Variation of condition 15 of PP K8971/2 to extend the hours of operation
SCR/2008/0227 GPH002 The South Hampshire Bus Rapid Transit 1st Phase Fareham to Gosport Screening Opinion
K17534 GPE026 Haselworth Primary School Stone Lane Gosport Hampshire PO12 1SQ Proposed Single Storey flat roof library extension and small covered lightwell/courtyard connected to existing building
K1713/2 GPE015 Woodcot Primary School, Tukes Avenue, Gosport PO13 0SG Erection of canopy to south east elevation of school
K7136/60 GPE025 St.Vincents College, Mill Lane, Gosport Hants PO12 4QA New stand alone single storey Childrens Centre building and associated external works
K6899/3 GPS004 The whole perimeter to Addenbrooke (Care Home) site, Willis Road, Gosport. Hampshire. PO12 1NA The Proposed replacement of perimeter fencing and gates to the whole site, the replacement fencing and gate will be 1500mm high metal fencing will bowtop
K6391/4 GPE020 Elson Infant School, Elson Lane, Gosport PO12 4EU New single storey childrens centre with associated external works
K17451 GPE015 Woodcot Primary School, Tukes Avenue, Bridgemary, Gosport Alteration to car park and access improvements
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