Strategic Planning

All Applications in Gosport

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
K7403/3 GPE024 Lee-on-Solent Infants School, Elmore Road, Lee-on-Solent, Hants PO13 9DY Single storey Children's Centre with associated external works
K2969/4 GPE008 Rowner Infant School, Copse Lane Rowner, Gosport Provision of one modular temporary playgroup building for use as a 30 place playgroup
K15361/1 GPE018 Haven Childrens Centre, Harris Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO13 0UY Internal alterations and new extension
K16300/3 GPE017 Siskin Junior School, Nimrod Drive, Rowner, Gosport PO13 8AA 44m length of 2.4 high vertical bar fencing to run along the existing boundary line adjacent the tennis courts
K6419/14 GPE002 The swimming pool, Brune Park Community College, Military Road, Gosport, Hants PO12 3BU Replace existing roof structure covering and gable wall glazed system with new
K6620/5 GPE024 Lee on Solent Junior School, Salisbury Terrace, Lee on Solent PO13 9DL New music/drama room between existing buildings.
K14011/17 GPE001 Bridgemary Community Sports College, Wych Lane, Gosport, PO13 0JN New community suite comprising main space of 80m2 , with entrance lobby, coffee bar, awaiting storage, toilets, and adjoining court.
K16300/2 GPE017 Siskin Junior School, Nimrod Drive, Rowner, Gosport PO13 8AA New boundary fencing adjacent Cochrane Close cul-de-sac to prohibit unauthorised access into the school grounds, the fence will be green vertical bar at 2.7m high with posts at 2.5 centres
K17258 GP020 Mumby Road Wastewater Pumping Station Emergency Overflow Chamber, Mumby Road, Gosport Construction of a new motor control centre (MCC) kiosk
K17047/01 GPE017 Siskin Infant and Junior School Site, Nimrod Drive, Rowner, Gosport PO13 8AA Extension to new single storey building providing additional facilities for use by local young people.
K7403/2 GPE024 Lee-On-The-Solent Infant School, Elmore Road, Lee-On-The-Solent Hampshire PO13 9DY Proposed new staff workspace extension with internal alterations to replace the existing undersized accommodation
K7136/58 GPE021 Quayside Education Centre St Vincents College Mill Lane Gosport PO12 4QA Renewal of one single and three double temporary classrooms (Ref 11310, 11311, 11312, 11396)
K13994/8 GP017 Unit 20, Quay Lane, Elson, Gosport Removal of existing telecom mast, installation and placement of temporary prefabricated office accommodation
K6143/5 GPE005 Leesland CE Infants School Whitworth Road Gosport PO12 3NL Installation of steel framed umbrella canopy to provide covered teaching area
K14011/16 GPE001 Bridgemary Community Sports College, Wych Lane, Bridgemary, Gosport PO13 0JN To raise the MUGA ball stop fence adjacent to the highway boundary with Wych Lane, to 4m high from the existing 3m high
K14011/15 GPE001 Bridgemary Community School, Wych Lane, Gosport, Hants PO13 0JN New Exercise Space with plant room and link corridor to existing Sports Hall complex
K17047 GPE017 Rowner Youth Services, Siskin Infant and Junior School site, Nimrod Drive, Rowner, Gosport. New single storey building providing a facility for use by local young people (known as Rowner Youth Services)
K6143/4 GPE005 Leesland CE(C) Infant School, Whitworth Road, Gosport Erection of a free standing timber canopy
K6419/13 GPE002 Brune Park Community College, Military Road, Gosport Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref: 12995)
K14711/5 GP004 Cherque Farm Quarry, Lee on Solent Variation of condition 1 of planning permission K14711/4 (extension of time period)
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