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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
03/00561/CMA HRG005 Creek Farm, Mattingley Green, Mattingley Demolition of existing flat roofed extension and porch and construction of new two storey extension to provide enhanced living accommodation and new porch
03/00503/CMA HR093 Land above Welsh Drive (Picees Lane), Bramshill Extraction of sand and gravel with restoration to lower landform for plantation
0300179/HCCRG3 HRE024 Elvetham Heath Primary School, Turners Way, Elvetham Heath, Fleet New one form entry extension to existing school with associated external works
03/00004/CMA HR005 Beacon Hill Pits, Beacon Hill Road, Ewshot Application for a certificate of lawfullness
02/01456/CMA HR034 Star Hill Waste Transfer and Recycling Facility, Hartley Wintney, Eversley Variation of conditions of planning permissions to permit extended working hours
02/01132/HCCRG3 HRE003 Yateley Community School, School Lane, Yateley Extension and reconfiguration of the existing squash court to provide a new Dance Studio and ancillary accommodation/circulation areas within the community wing of the wchool accommodation
02/01115/HCCRG3 HRE028 Church Crookham Junior School, Tweseldown Road, Church Crookham, Fleet New classroom and office extension
02/01114/HCCRG3 HRE027 All Saints CE Junior School, Leawood Road, Fleet Two classroom extension, new store and wet area to existing classroom
02/00980/HCCRG3 HRE026 Calthorpe Park Community School, Hitches Lane, Fleet Erection of single storey dedicated drama teaching facility comprising two studios and ancillary accommodation
02/00952/HCCRG3 HRE025 Hook Junior School, Church View, Hook New two classroom extension and covered link and removal of existing temporary classroom
02/00875/HCCRG3 HRE028 Crondall Primary School, Croft Lane, Crondall, Farnham Single storey extension to link the two existing school buildings incorporating a new entrance, reception finance office and WC
02/00760/HCCRG3 HRE024 Elvetham Heath Primary School, Turners Way, Elvetham Heath, Fleet Provision of one double and one single temporary classroom unit (until 31/08/03)
02/00677/CMA HR085 Unit 4, Eversley Haulage Park, Land opposite Hawkers Lodge, Fleet Road, Eversley The use of land for the recylcing of inert material to produce soils and secondary aggregates, including the installation and use of crushing and screening equipment
02/00577/CMA HR040 Eversley Quarry, Eversley Common Planning Application under section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for the relaxation of condition 8 of planning permission 98/00633/CMA
02/00410/CMA HR042 Bramshill Quarry, Welsh Drive, Eversley Temporary office accommodation for additional staff and office equipment
02/00197/FUL HRG004 Star Hill Caravan Site, Wokingham Road, Hartley Wintney To replace fire-damaged (now demolished) wardens bungalow accommodation with mobile home toghther with office building and single garage
02/00058/HCCRG3 HRE019 Westfields Junior School, School Lane, Yateley Erection of a PE store adjacent to existing playground
01/01618/HCCREG3 HRE024 Elvetham Heath Primary School, Turners Way, Elvetham Heath, Fleet New One Form Entry Primary School and associated works
01/01132/HCCRG3 HRE022 Frogmore Community College, Potley Hill Road, Yateley. The siting of a double temporary classroom until 31 August 2006 to meet increased student numbers.
01/00795/HCCRG3 HRE018 Tavistock Infant School, Broadacres, Calthorpe Park, Fleet, Hants, GU13 8EU Continued siting of one double temporary classroom No 10295 until 31 August 2005 to accommodate playgroup using the building for the foreseeable future
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