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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
09/01695/HCCRG3 HRE019 Westfield County Junior School, School Lane, YATELEY Hampshire GU46 6NN Continued siting for double temporary modular building on site
09/01592/CMA HR038 Eversley Quarry, Fox Lane, Eversley Hampshire Proposed blending of organic products and minerals to create high quality topsoils
09/01484/CMA HRE029 Heatherside County Junior & Infant School, Reading Road South, FLEET Hampshire GU52 7TH Installation of 2 no. external canopies
09/01453/HCCRG3 HRE006 Robert Mays School, West Street, Odiham, HOOK RG29 1NA Variation of condition 7 of Planning Permission 07/02747/HCCREG3 (floodlighting times and revised STP location)
SCR/2009/0154 HR085 Units 1, 2, 3, 4 & 8 Eversley Haulage Park, Eversley Screening Opinion
09/01212/CMA HRE010 Hawley Cp School, Hawley Road, Blackwater, CAMBERLEY GU17 9BH Replacement fencing
09/01106/CMA HRE010 Hawley Cp School, Hawley Road, Blackwater, CAMBERLEY GU17 9BH Create a new pedestrian entrance leading into the school main reception, also replace existing vertical bar railings
SCR/2009/0141 HR040 Eversley Quarry Screening Opinion - recovery of remaining sand and gravel of souther extension
09/00833/HCCRG3 HRE026 Calthorpe Park School, Hitches Lane, Fleet Proposed provision of three double modular temporary classrooms to provide general teaching accommodation and office space for a temporary period
09/00655/CMA HR032 Vigo Lane, Yateley, GU46 6ED Proposed new access road to serve the north eastern entrance of the Sims Metals site, this will replace the existing southern access to Vigo Lane, which will be reinstated to common land
09/00417/CMA HR099 Hartley Wintney Sewage Treatment Works, Springwell Lane, Hartley Wintney Construction of three motor control centre kiosks
09/00139/HCCRG3 HRE025 Hook County Junior School, Church View, HOOK RG27 9NR Single storey extension to existing school hall, the existing extension extends the existing shallow pitch roof and requires the removal of two storage rooms, the proposed extension will improve the schools hall facilities and provide a better entrance to that part of the school
09/00046/CMA HR094 New Farm, Froyle Lane, South Warnbourgh Hook Change of use of part of the building from straw storage to pelleted waste paper storage
08/03309/CMA HR078 Calf Lane Quarry, Rye Common, Odiham, Hants Certificate of Lawful Use - inert and low level hazardous waste recycling and transfer site comprising all processes normally associated therewith, the storage, repair, collection and delivery of demolition and other plant, equipment and vehicles associated with the operation and the salvage of reusable demolition arisings eg. timber, brick and tiles
08/02646/CMA HR098 Wychwood Farm, Farnham Road, Odiham, Hook RG29 1HS Use of land in the northwest corner of Wychwood Farm for the importation and storage of logs associated with a gardening and tree surgery business
08/01978/CMA HR092 Down Farm, Alton Road, Odiham, Hook Installation of hardstanding in associated with green waste recycling facility
08/01941/HCCRG3 HRE026 Calthorpe Park School, Hitches Lane, Fleet GU51 5JA Provision of one double modular temporary classroom to provide two extra general teaching spaces
08/01875/CMA HR042 Land at Warren Heath Recycling Facility, Warren Heath Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 06/02863/CMA (to remove the existing time limit on the operation of the site and seek permanent permission for the permitted operations)
08/01879/CMA HR042 Warren Heath Recycling Facility, Warren Heath Application for new landscaping scheme including importation of inert material
08/00603/CMA HR085 Land at Unit 3, Eversley Haulage Park, Fleet Road, Eversley, RG27 8ED The use of the site for a weighbridge, associated office facilities and ancillary aggregate storage facility with the existing waste recycling facility at Unit 4
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