Strategic Planning

All Applications in Havant

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
APP/13/01217 HVE025 Park Community School, Middle Park Way, Havant, Hampshire PO9 4BU Construction of a synthetic turf pitch with floodlighting and associated landscape works.
APP/13/01156 HVE003 Crookhorn College of Technology, Stakes Hill Road, Waterlooville Hampshire PO7 5UD Technology Block re roofing project
APP/13/01153 HV051 G Howard Waste Reclaimation Ltd, Howards Yard, Mill Rythe Lane, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 0QG Change of use to civil engineering depot with office, materials recycling facility and extension of site into adjacent paddock for use for plant operator training
APP/13/01067 HVE026 The Hayling College, Church Road, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 0NU Reclad of the exterior building envelope and re-roof of the existing DT block at Hayling College.
APP/13/00903 HVE020 Mill Hill Primary School, Mill Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 7DB Installation of single storey modular building with play canopy for a temporary period of time, with associated landscape works, alteration of existing access onto Mill Road, additional car parking, and foot paths
APP/13/00733 HVE004 Warblington School, Southleigh Road, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2RR Sports Development including Sports Hall, MUGA and relocation of Pre-School
APP/13/00599 HVE028 Riders Infant School, Kingsclere Avenue, Havant Hampshire PO9 4RY To supply, deliver and erect a temporary Pre-School Nursery Modular Building
APP/13/00530 HV004 Broadmarsh Salt Barn, Harts Farm Way, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1HS Variation of condition 2 of planning permission APP/11/01469 (to allow work to start at 0730)
APP/13/00498 HV004 Havant Household Waste Recycling Centre, Harts Farm Way, Havant Hampshire PO9 1HS Variation of condition 2 of Planning permission APP/11/01470 (to allow work to start at 0730)
APP/13/00364 HVR002 Sir George Staunton Country Park, South of Middle Park Rd, Havant Hampshire PO9 5ET Provision of lambing shed at Staunton Country Park as a visitor attraction
APP/13/00170 HVE037 Emsworth Primary School, Victoria Road, Emsworth, Hampshire PO10 7LX Erection of single storey two classroom extension with circulation.
APP/13/00104 HVE044 Mengham Junior School, Palmerston Road, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 9ET Retrospective application for 9.4 kilowatts solar array (39 panels) on the roof of the school building
APP/12/01061 HV047 Havant Exploration Site, Off Hulbert Road, Leigh Park, Havant Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission 08/53384/002 (extend the development from the permitted 36 months to 60 months)
APP/12/00826 HVE042 The Waterloo School, Warfield Avenue, Waterlooville Hampshire PO7 7JJ Provision of additional 'event overspill' car parking spaces
APP/12/00762 HVE028 Riders Junior School, Kingsclere Avenue~~Havant Hampshire PO9 4RY Lawful Use Certificate: Panels on roof of school building providing renewable energy for the school
APP/12/00685 HVR002 Sir George Staunton Country Park, Middle Park Way, Havant Hampshire~~PO9 5HB Convert existing concrete block into covered hay store
APP/12/00520 HVR001 Sir George Staunton County Park, Middle Park Way, Havant PO9 5HB Continued siting for a temporary building on site for a further four years
APP/12/00500 HV043 Manor Farm, Hayling Island Amendments to Planning permission 03/57813/006 to allow an increase in the height of the windrows and an increase in the annual levels of waste
APP/12/00382 HVE039 Padnell Infant School, Padnell Avenue, Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 8DS Continued siting of existing temporary modular buildings 10713476 & 10719277
APP/12/00302 HVR002 The Terrace, Staunton Country Park, Middle Park Way, Havant, Hampshire~~PO9 5HD Addition of metal railings to the parapet of the terrace and adjoining landscaping modifications to improve visitor access
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