Strategic Planning

All Applications in Havant

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
07/50478/026 HVE045 Purbrook Park School, Park Avenue, Waterlooville Upgrading of existing and introduction of new fire doors to protect existing staircase enclosure, intruduction of new contemporary handrail to main staircase to bring up to current standards
07/62453/003 HVE022 Glenwood Special School, Washington Road, Emsworth PO10 7NN A single storey extension 63sqm. comprising of 2 new offices and a boys shower room enlargement, a linking corridor with external access
07/72021/000 HVE044 Mengham Junior School, Palmerston Road, Hayling Island, Hants PO11 9ET Internal alterations plus one new window, a new canopy to shelter external doors & buggy storage
07/61412/006 HVE019 Riverside Community Special School, Scratchface Lane, Purbrook, Waterlooville, Hants PO7 5QD It is proposed to replace a timber system building with a permanent classroom extension attached to the southern elevation of the existing school buildings, landscape enhancement works to the south east aspect of the school site and temporary contractors access off Zeus Lane are also proposed
07/65606/000 HVE043 Morelands Primary School, Crookhorn Lane, Purbrook, Waterlooville PO7 5QL Single storey Children's Centre with associated external works
07/58016/010 HVE008 Warren Park Primary School, Sandleford Road, Leigh Park, Havant PO9 4LR New stand alone 100m2 building to provide an outdoor education classroom and the retention of an existing classroom (ref: 05/58016/009) for the duration of the works
07/50154/011 HV040 Budds Farm Wastewater Treatment Works, Southmoor Lane, Havant Construction of a new methanol storage area motor control centre (MCC) kiosk, a methanol storage pneumatics motor control centre (MCC) kiosk and change in location of an activated sludge plant motor control centre (MCC) kiosk
07/53510/005 HVE004 Warblington School Southleigh Road Havant Hants PO9 2RR To erect a 53.0m long by 2.4m wide covered walkway to the rear of the main school building
SCR/2007/0137 HV046 Bedhampton Landfill Screening Opinion: Inert landfill, Screeing and sorting of waste
07/56960/013 HV004 Veolia Depot, Household Waste Centre, Harts Farm Way, Havant Renewal of temporary change of use for storage of fridges and freezers
07/57914/015 HVE026 Hayling College, Church Road, Hayling Island, Hants PO11 0NU Removal of existing sports hall asbestos cladding & replacement with an insulated compositepanel cladding system. Walls - Kingspan microrib Roof - Kingspan KS1000 RW
07/50154/010 HV040 Budds Farm WWTW, Southmoor Lane, Havant, Hampshire. PO9 1JW UPRN 0100062457106 The proposal is for the installation of a ferric dosing system to the existing sewage treatment works, to reduce odour and the corrosive effects of the by-products of the treatment process
(HV)07/50154/009 HV040 Budds Farm Water Treatment Works Southmoor Lane, Havant, Hampshire. PO9 1JW . UPRN 0100062457106 Installation of a 'Combined Heat and Power' (CHP) unit, to enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of the water treatment process, and convert to a sustainable (renewable) energy resource
07/67901/001 HVE042 The Waterloo School Warfield Avenue Waterlooville PO7 7JJ Increase height of playground fence, on two sides, from 2.7m to 3.9m; using 50x50x3mm galvanised weld mesh, to match existing fence.
06/71956/000 HVH004 A3 London Road, North of Purborook Village, located opposite 142 London Road To erect an ancillary wind turbine adjacent to the bus stop providing a green energy source for the shelters power requirements
F49537/001/CMA HVE032 Staunton Park Community School, Wakefords Way, Havant PO9 5JD Variation to condition 2 of Application No. F49537/CMA - (for construction of 5 No. porous tarmac tennis courts complete with fencing and floodlights) , amending the timings of the floodlighting which will give them greater flexibility in the use of floodlights at the weekend.
06/57824/002 HVS001 Godbey House, 380 Seafront Road, Hayling Island, Havant PO11 0BD Proposal to replace existing 3ft high close boarded timber fence with 5ft high close boarded timber fence to match existing type.
HCC/2006/0243 HVE041 St Albans CE (A) Primary School St Albans Road West Leigh Havant PO9 2JX To alter the existing entrance to the school in order to extend the reception and admin office.
06/57914/013 HVE026 The Hayling College, Church Road, Hayling Island PO11 0NU To provide additional site features as follows;- ( A) A new canopy structure to provide a sheltered outside eating and music/drama performance space. ( B) A new entrance feature to 'signpost' the main pedestrian site entrance
F49537/CMA HVE032 Staunton Park Community School, Wakefords Way, Havant PO9 5JD Construction of 5 No. porous tarmac tennis courts complete with fencing and floodlighting
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