Strategic Planning

All Applications in Havant

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
04/58704/007 HVE003 Crookhorn Community School, Stakes Hill Road, Purbrook, Waterlooville Perimeter fencing
04/57813/008 HV043 Manor Farm, Hayling Island Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission 03/57813/006 (hours of operation)
04/52407/005 HVE033 Woodlands Education Centre, 18 Hemlock Road, Cowplain,~~Waterlooville Transfer of large temporary building to footprint of fire damaged original building (this unit is about 110m away from where we are moving it for a temporary period)
04/54301/012 HV017 Farlington Redoubt, Portsdown Hill Road, Portsdown To operate a concrete crusher as part of the Waste Transfer activities
04/56645/007 HVE032 Staunton Park Community School, Wakefield Way, Havant construction of new external steel staircase to serve as fire escape from first floor community block
03/58362/000 HVE038 St James CE Primary School, Bellevue Lane, Emsworth To provide nine additional car parking spaces
03/56960/008 HV004 Havant Depot & Lorry Park, Harts Farm Way, Havant Extension of time for temporary open storage of old refridgeration & freezers pending availability of dismantling/disposal facilities
03/62233/003 HVE037 Emsworth Primary School, Victoria Road, Emsworth Single storey flat roof extension to provide accommodation for new head teachers office, medical room and admin office
03/59130/007 HVE012 Fairfield Infant School, Fairfield Road,~~Havant New reception
03/61332/003 HVE035 Detached playing fields, Woolston Road, Havant Construction of a new secondary school for childern with emotional and behavioural difficulties, (EBD School), and construction of access road.
03/59145/003 HVE036 Land at Park House Primary School, Park House Farm Way, Havant Construction of new Education Support Centre
03/62148/000 HVE034 Cowplain Community School, Hart Plain Avenue, Cowplain, Waterlooville The construction of floodlit synthetic turf pitch (STP) and multi use games area (MUGA)
03/55667/004 HVE020 Waite End Primary School, Mill Road, Waterlooville New 2.4 high, 39m long side fencing
03/53510/004 HVE004 Warblington Secondary School, Southleigh Road, Warblington, Nr Havant To erect 2.4 metre high weldmesh fencing
03/61412/005 HVE019 Riverside Special School, Scratchfate Lane, Purbrook Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (ref: 10334)
03/50905/012 HVE017 Hulbert Junior School, Springwood Avenue, Waterlooville Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref. 10424)
03/62704/003 HVE021 Padnell Junior School, Padnell Road, Cowplain Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref:11190)
03/52407/002 HVE033 Woodlands Education Centre, 18 Hemlock Road, Cowplain, Waterlooville Provision of one double temporary classroom (until 31/08/05)
03/68386/001 HVH003 Along London road (A3) from Ladybridge Roudabout to Waterloville, Havant Install three CCTV cameras
03/59524/004 HVH002 Purbrook car park, Waterloville, Havant Install CCTV camera
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