Strategic Planning

All Applications in Havant

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
03/56960/008 HV004 Havant Depot & Lorry Park, Harts Farm Way, Havant Extension of time for temporary open storage of old refridgeration & freezers pending availability of dismantling/disposal facilities
03/62233/003 HVE037 Emsworth Primary School, Victoria Road, Emsworth Single storey flat roof extension to provide accommodation for new head teachers office, medical room and admin office
03/59130/007 HVE012 Fairfield Infant School, Fairfield Road,~~Havant New reception
03/61332/003 HVE035 Detached playing fields, Woolston Road, Havant Construction of a new secondary school for childern with emotional and behavioural difficulties, (EBD School), and construction of access road.
03/59145/003 HVE036 Land at Park House Primary School, Park House Farm Way, Havant Construction of new Education Support Centre
03/62148/000 HVE034 Cowplain Community School, Hart Plain Avenue, Cowplain, Waterlooville The construction of floodlit synthetic turf pitch (STP) and multi use games area (MUGA)
03/55667/004 HVE020 Waite End Primary School, Mill Road, Waterlooville New 2.4 high, 39m long side fencing
03/53510/004 HVE004 Warblington Secondary School, Southleigh Road, Warblington, Nr Havant To erect 2.4 metre high weldmesh fencing
03/62704/003 HVE021 Padnell Junior School, Padnell Road, Cowplain Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref:11190)
03/50905/012 HVE017 Hulbert Junior School, Springwood Avenue, Waterlooville Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref. 10424)
03/61412/005 HVE019 Riverside Special School, Scratchfate Lane, Purbrook Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (ref: 10334)
03/52407/002 HVE033 Woodlands Education Centre, 18 Hemlock Road, Cowplain, Waterlooville Provision of one double temporary classroom (until 31/08/05)
03/59524/004 HVH002 Purbrook car park, Waterloville, Havant Install CCTV camera
03/68387/001 HVH001 London Road (A3) from Portsmouth City Council Border North to Ladybridge Roundabout, Havant Install four CCTV Cameras
03/68386/001 HVH003 Along London road (A3) from Ladybridge Roudabout to Waterloville, Havant Install three CCTV cameras
03/57813/006 HV043 Manor Farm, Hayling Island On farm green waste composting
03/55667/003 HVE020 Waite End Primary School, Mill Road, Waterlooville New 2.4m hight, 15m long front fencing and 17m long side fencing
03/54301/010 HV017 Farlington Redoubt, Portsdown Hill, Havant Storage and processing of soil and secondary aggregates, vehicle parking and general storage of plant and machinery and skips
03/54301/009 HV017 Farlington Redoubt, Portsdown Hill, Havant Removal of condition 2 of Planning Permission 01/54301/007 to extend the time limit
03/50300/028 HVR002 Sir George Staunton Country Park, Middle Park Way, Havant Alterations to animal paddocks, removal part of overspill carpark, enlargement, alterations in circulation of main carpark with changes to paths, new boundary fence & planting, removal of trees & tree surgery, resoration planting to Drive south
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