Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
06/88516 NFE044 Forest Education Centre Cabot Drive Dibden Purlieu Southampton SO45 5UG Renewal of three double temporary classrooms (Ref 9271, 10188 and 13334)
06/88505 NFE041 Salterns Special School Commercial Road Totton Southampton So40 3AF Renewal of two double and one single (Ref 11400, 12033 and 13966) temporary classrooms
06/88522 NF101 Ibsley Lake, Ellingham Drove, Ringwood Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 83140 for an extension of time
06/90424 NFNP003 Upper Hanger Farm, Totton Western Bypass, Totton Change of use of farm buildings to a waste recycling facility and construction of a screening bund
06/88472 NF105 Blue Haze Landfill, Verwood Road, Ringwood Development of a temporary Waste Transfer Station (WTS)
06/88409 NFE002 New Milton Infant School, Lymington Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6PZ Renewal of temporary permission for two double and one single temporary classrooms (Ref 10558, 10559 and 12993)
06/88407 NFE029 Ringwood Junior School, Hightown Road, Ringwood, BH24 1NH New boundary fence
06/88326 NF229 RCS Totton Depot, Jacobs Gutter Lane, Totton, Hants SO40 9FT The permanent approval of an existing Waste Transfer Station located in the Hampshire Highways maintenance depot, for the reception and de-watering of biodegradable gully arisings and inert materials generated from highway maintenance works
06/88254 NFS012 New Forest Day Services, Fermount Centre, Forest Pines, New Milton BH25 5SS The erection of a steel tubular framed polytunnel and concrete base.
06/88238 NF254 Land at Nea Farm, Blashford & Blue Haze Quarries, Somerley, Nr Ringwood Proposed deep sand extraction, with mobile sand plant, in tandem with existing gravel extraction (including proposed southerly mineral extension) with restoration to a parkland landscape at Nea Farm Quarry, Somerley, Ringwood, to incorporate the transportation of naturally occurring surplus restoration materials from Blue Haze for restoration of Nea Farm Quarry via forest haul routes with a crossing over Harbridge Drove, processing of mineral by retention of existing plant and erection of a new horizontal and radial stacker conveyor and mobile sand plant, retention of offices, mess facilities, bagging plant, recycling facility, concrete plant and ancillary facilities at Blashford Quarry, retention of field conveyor linking Blashford and Nea Farm Quarries, time limited extension to Blashford and Nea Farm Quarries and an extension of time for the existing recycling facility at Blashford Quarry granted under permission 73884 (as subsequently varied by permission 83272)
06/90361 NFNP002 Brockenhurst Wastewater Treatment Works, Balmer Lawn Road, Brockenhurst Four proposed control kiosks to house equipment
06/90326 NFNP001 Pound Bottom Landfill Site, Forest Road, Redlynch, Salisbury Operation of a composting facility for shredding recycled and green waste
06/88094 NF253 Land to the South of Fryern Court Farm, Burgate, Fordingbridge Excavate and remove off site 1600m3 gravel and form off line pond
06/88024 NF105 Blue Haze Landfill, Verwood Road, Ringwood Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 78351 to extend the period of receipt of waste on Sundays and Public/Bank holidays
06/90167 NFNP001 Pound Bottom Landfill Site, Forest Road, Red Lynch, Salisbury Modifications to permit currently installed landfill gas flare with a stack heigh of 5m compared or originally permitted 2.5m high landfill gas flare
06/90195 NF109 Holmsley Landfill Site, Black Lane, Thorney Hill, Bransgore Modification to planning condition 85070 to allow site to operate between 15 July to 30 September 2006
06/87884 NF177 Downton Manor Farm, Milford on Sea Re-application for sand and gravel extraction, construction of a vehicluar access and environmental banks, restoration to lakes woodland and small fields
87838 NF252 Land at Newbourne Farm, Rockbourne Application for certificate of Lawfulness for green waste processing operation (Resubmission)
87850 NF101 Ringwood Quarry, Ibsley, Ringwood Application for development without complying with condition 1 of planning permission 82559 and variation of that condition to allow the concrete batching plant and associated access and hardstading to remain for a futher period
SCR/2006/0079 NF018 Former Marchwood Incinerator Site, Bury Road, Marchwood Redevelopment to provide a new and improved Household Waste Recycling Centre and Waste Transfer Station
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