Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
78585 NFE021 New Milton Junior School, Old Milton Road, New Milton Continued siting of two double temporary classrooms (Ref. 10620 &10621)
78605 NFE019 Foxhills Infant School, Foxhills Lane, Colbury, Totton continued siting of one single temporary classroom (ref: 9256)
78487 NF105 Chatsworth/Blue Haze Landfill Site, Ringwood Forest Variation to condition 6 of Permission 00060405m - working hours
78434 NFE045 Priestland School, North Street, Pennington, Lymington Provision of one double temporary classroom (until 31/08/04)
78402 NF091 Bleak Hill, Somerley, Ellingham Environment Act 1995: Application for the determination of planning conditions
78331 NF095 Mount Pleasant Sand and Gravel Pit, Sway, Nr Lymington The development of land without complying with condition 4 of PP. 75970 and amendment of the condition to vary the hours of operation for the purposes of achieving restoration
78369 NF018 Marchwood Transfer Station, Bury Road, Marchwood Variation of Condition 1 of Planning Permission 68501- extension of time
78352 NF101 Ringwood Quarry, Ibsley, Ringwood Re-location of existing concrete batching plant at Ringwood Quary to a new site 280m to the east
78310 NFE041 Salterns Special School, Commercial Road, Totton Proposed single storey external canopy
78312 NFE009 Hythe Primary School, School Road, Hythe Extension to existing school comprising new hall, kitchen, music room and therapy room, removal of 2 temporary classrooms
78351 NF105 Chatsworth/Blue Haze Landfill site, Ringwood Forest Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 71552 working hours request for further period of time
78234 NFE017 Priestlands School, North Street, Pennington, Lymington Extension to existing recreation centre comprising proposed artifical turf pitch, multi-use hall, health & fitness suite, changing and new reception entrance, landscaping and existing access road improvements
78179 NF042 Efford Landfill, Milford Road, Lymington Installation of plant and equipment for the utilisation of landfill gas for power generation purposes, and its retention on site
78225 NF235 Former MOD Oil Storage Depot, Fawley Power Station Access Road, Fawley To import, stockpile and screen topsoil and provide single storey site office and ancillary storage containers
77722 NFE028 South Baddesley CE(C) Primary School, South Baddesley, Lymington Single storey extension to rear to create a staffroom and new boiler/oil store
77888 NFE041 Salterns Special school, Commercial Road, Totton Provision of temporary classroom with WCs and remove soil/play area for safety reasons
77588 NF101 Ellingham Lake, Ellingham, Ringwood Proposed relocation of water ski club to Ellingham Lake
77549 NF234 Beaulieu Waste Water Treatment Works, Off Firestation Lane, Beaulieu Proposed kiosk to house stanby/replacment blowers
77331 NF233 Everglade Farm, Mount Pleasant, Sway, Lymington Erection of store/workshopbuilding and rection of processing building to support vermicultural holding
77496 NF042 Efford Landfill, Milford Road, Pennington Modification of weighbridge control area to include new meeting room and relocated storage unit
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