Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
SCR/2002/1000 NF237 Sway Wastewater Treatment Worsk Request for Screening Opinion
76245 NFE006 Burley Primary, School, Church Lane, Burley, near Ringwood Extension of existing hall and external works including new ramp and extension to hard play area
75990 NF216 Onyx UK Ltd, Marpol Reception/Treatment Plant, Marchwood Industrial Estate, Normandy Way, Marchwood Variaiton of condition 9 of PP: 67922 to change hours during which road deliveries may take place to the site
75991 NF216 Onyx UK Ltd, Marpol Reception/Treatment Plant, Marchwood Industrial Estate, Normandy Way, Marchwood variation of condition 7 of PP 00058884M to amend hours dor delivery by lorry
75970 NF095 Mount Pleasant, Sway, Nr Lymington Variation of condition 21 of Planning Permission 00052925M(IDO), to amend restoration, including importation of inert waste
75732 NFS010 Solent Mead Old Peoples Home, Church Lane, Lymington Extension to existing residential home forming new day centre
75645 NF091 Bleak Hill I (Hamer Warren Quarry) Nea Road, Somerley Erection of office/messroom building, weighbridge, weighbridge office, toilet/washroom building and parking shed
75482 NFE047 Lymington Junior School, Avenue Road, Lymington Two Classroom extension, cloakes/resources area and link
75507 NF075 Part of Ambervale Farm Yard, Pitmore Lane, Sway Relocation of inert waste material transfer station and recycling facility and construction of new vehicluar access
75930 NFR002 Calshot Activites Centre, Calshot Spit, Calshot, Southampton Resurfacing of north slipway
75427 NF042 Manor Farm (Efford) Milford Road, Pennington The development of land without complying with condition 8 (PP. 70056) and variation of con 8 to allow the removal of subsoil from Phase 4(d) following the commencement of installation of the impermeable barrier
75128 NFE045 Pennington Infant School, Priestlands Road, Pennington, Lymington Provision of temporary nursery unit (30 places) for a period (until 31/08/06)
75114 NFE046 Milford on Sea CE (A) Primary School, Lymington Road, Milford on Sea Provision of temprary building to provide nursery unit for a period (until 31/08/06) and demolition of existing playgroup unit
75113 NFE028 South Baddesley CE Primary School, South Baddesley, Lymington Provision of an office unit for a period (until 31/08/04)
75228 NF232 Land North of Ripley, Ringwood Construction of an agricultural irrigation reservoir with the removal of surplus materials (minerals and soils) arising in the course of construction
74983 NFE030 Forest Edge School, Lydlynch Road, Totton Front Boundary fence 2.7 m high
74935 NF231 Enichem UK Ltd, Cadland Road, Hardley, Hythe Effluent pipeline replacment and installation of walkway
74914 NFR001 The Hampshire Outdoor Centre, Tile Barn, Church Hill, Brockenhurst Provision of a temporary office unit (until 31/8/04)
74808 NFE025 Copythorne Infant School, Romsey Road, Copythorne Conversion of first floor school house living accommodation to school meeting rooms (change of use)
74442 NFE045 Pennington Junior School Priestlands Road, Pennington, Lymington Conversion of school pool changing room building to study room
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