Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
71307 NFE001 Noadswood Secondary School, North Road, Dibden Purlieu Two store extension with IT room on ground floor and two classrooms on first floor and a single storey toilet extension
71274 NFE027 Oak Lodge School, Roman Road, Dibden Purlieu Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref: 11430)
71204 NFE026 Bransgore (CE (C) Primary School, Ringwood Road, Bransgore Construction of new single storey classroom entrance lobby and extension to staff room, demolition of existing temporary classrooms
71244 NF075 Land off North Common Lane, Sway (Ambervale) Continued use of transfer station, variation of conditon 1 of 00057104M
70959 NF038 Hamer Warren Quarry, Nea Road, Somerley Continuation of processing and recycling of waste without complying with condition 1 of planning permission 68396
70839 NF172 Marchwood Quarry, Marchwood Importation, storage and recycling of construction waste, includng crushing and screening
70673 NF095 Mount Pleasant, Sway, Nr Lymington Variation of condition 13 of planning permission 00052925M(ID0)
70660 NF038 Hamer Warren Quarry, Nea Road, Harbridge Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission 00066888 for extension of time
70529 NF001 Shanks Fawley, Charleston Road, Hardley, Hythe Installation of additional & replacement plant & machinery for waste incineration with energy recovery comprising handling equipment & storage for incoming waste, fluidised bed combustor & boiler, flue gas cleaning plant, 3 flues within a common winshield
70443 NFS009 32 Water Lane, Totton Change of use from residential dwelling to a satellite for Romsey and Waterside Day Services
70411 NF228 Fawley Power Station, Fawley Relief of condition 2 of planning permission no. 68749 to extend period of restoration of temporary compound for 12 months
70318 NF091 Land at Bleak Hill I (Hamer Warren Quarry), Nea Road, Somerley, Nr Fordingbridge Use of land for relocation of facilities for the storage and recycling of inert waste construction materials to produce secondary aggregates and the screening of soil
70317 NF091 Land at Bleak Hill I and II, Bleak Hill Farm, Somerley, Nr Fordingbridge Continued extraction of sand and gravel from Bleak Hill I and II without complying with condition 38 of PP: 046239
70056 NF042 Manor Farm (Efford) Milford Road, Lymington Variation of condition 2 and 8 of Planning Permission 00060763M dated 18/8/99 to provide for a revised scheme of working
69993 NF105 Chatsworth/ Blue Haze Landfill Site, Ringwood Forest Modifications to Site Control Area Location and Layout
69917 NFE005 Sopley Primary School, South Ripley, Bransgore Single storey extension to the rear of the school to provide a library and toilets facilities
69741 NF002 Caird Avenue Transfer Station,Solent Industrial Estate, Caird Avenue, New Milton Variation of condition 1 of PP:063833M to permit the handling of category C (household) waste beyond 31 July 2000
69546 NF226 Proposed ERF Site, Marchwood Industrial Park, Normandy Way, Marchwood The construction and subsequent operation of an energy recovery facility waste transfer station, ancillary infracture including roads, pumphouse, pipeways and construction of water outfall structure
69451 NFE017 Priestland School, North Street, Pennington, Lymington Extension to existing recreation centre comprising proposed artificial turf pitch, multi use hall, heath and fitness suite, changing and new reception enterance, landscape and exissting access road improvement
69244 NFH003 County Maintenance Depot, Jacobs Gutter Lane, Hounsdown, Totton Site floodlighting
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