Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
00064265 NF227 New Lane Orchard, Bashley, New Milton Construction of fishing lake and extraction of gravel
00065332M NF021 Somerley Landfill Site, Verwood Road, Ringwood Construction and subsequent operation of a landfill gas flare scheme and compound
00065312M NF097 Blashford Quarry, Salisbury Road, Ellingham, Nr Ringwood Temporary importation and recycling of locally generated inert construction and demolition waste to produce recycled aggregate
00065242M NF038 Hamer Warren Quarry, Nea Road, Somerly, Nr Ringwood The importation of inert waste for the purpose of improving the agricultural quality of land previously restored under Planning Permission No. 20867M
00065178 NFE013 Breamore Primary School, Salisbury Road, Breamore, Fordingbridge Alterations to the administration bulidngs and a two storey extension
00065124M NF103 Holmsley Ridge, Burley APPLICATION FOR DETERMINATION OF CONDITIONS FOR MINERAL SITE - sand and gravel, locally clay bounded (hoggin)
00065073 NFE001 Noadswood Secondary, Infant and Junior Schools Installation of school access footpath for pupils and parents
00065064M NF216 Area 6, Marchwood Industrial Park, Marchwood Extension to existing marine pollution reception/treatment facility and amendment to original application
00064844M NF045 Holbury II Landfill Site, Limekiln Lane, Holbury, Fawley Relocation of landfill gas flare
00064813M NF042 Manor Farm, Pennington Extension to existing waste handling and recycling compound and relocation of recycling facilities
00064642 NFE043 Ashley Infant School, Lower Ashley Road, Ashley, New Milton Removal of asbestos cement roof sheeting and replacement with insulated steel sheeting
00064609 NFE027 Oaklodge School, Romsan Road, Dibden Purlieu Single storey flat roof extension forming library, IT room and single storey extension to hall forming store
00064567 NFE042 The Clifford Centre, Ringwood Road, Totton Change of use of building for educational purposes - D1 use class
00064440 NFE041 Salterns Special School, Commercial Road, Totton Single storey extension to provide new entrace recpetion area and utility room
00064427 NFE019 Foxhills Junior School, Foxhills Lane, Colbury, Nr Totton Construction of two store two classrooms and a separate single storey one classroom with ancillary resource areas linked to existing classrooms
00064258M NF021 Somerley Landfill Site, Verwood Road, Somerley Variation of operating hours and conditions relating to bank holidays
00064257M NF021 Somerley Transfer Station, Verwood Road, Ringwood Variation of operating hours and conditions relating to bank holdiays
00064159M NF042 Efford Landfill Site, Pennington, Lymington Variaiton of condition 1 of PP: 00062842M (dated 23/2/98) to facilitate continued clay extraction from 31 July 1998 untill 31 July 2000
00063833M NF002 Solent Industrial Estate, Ashley Arnewood, Ashley Road, New Milton Variation of condition 2 of pp: 00054698Mto enable waste transfer station to handle Category A B and C waste
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