Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
00061219 NFE006 Burley County Primary School, Church Lane, Burley, Ringwood Extension to 2 classrooms on west street
00060763M NF042 Manor Farm, Pennington The Environment Act 1995: Review of Mineral Planning Permissions - Application for Determination of Conditions
00060695 NFE004 Bartley CE Junior School, Winsor Road, Bartley A two storey extension to existing school and offices to provide offices for education staff
00060609 NFE029 Ringwood Junior School, Hightown Road, Ringwood Single storey extension comprising 3 classrooms in a detached building with a covered link
00060592M NF216 Area 6, Marchwood Industrial Park, Normandy Way, Marchwood Erection of lightweight steel framed building/canopy at new marine pollution reception/treatment facility
00060575 NFS008 New Forest and Romsey Short Stay Unit, Jacobs Gutter Lane, Houndsdown, Totton New Build short stay unit, single storey construction
00060497 NFS007 37 Salisbury Road, Totton Conversion to offices/'Drop In' Centre
00060405M NF105 Chatsworth/Blue Haze Sandpit, Ringwood Forest Restoration of sandpits by the imporation of controlled wastes (EA)
00060472M NF221 Land adjacent to P. Trant Ltd compound, Marchwood Industrial Estate, Marchwood Importation of inert fill material to raise levels to surrounding land
0006026LB NFE017 Gurney Dixon Residential Centre, Priestlands House, North Street, Lymington Demolish later additions to listed building
00060230 NFE038 Fordingbridge Infant & Junior Schools, Penny's Lane, Fordingbridge Formation of extra car parking provision for staff
00060359M NF045 Holbury II Landfill SIte, Lime Kiln Lane, Holbury, Fawley Extension of time for tipping
00060037 NFE028 South Baddesley CE (C) Primary School, South Baddesley, Lymington Single storey extension comprising classroom and library area
00060100 NFE037 St Lukes CE (C) Primary School, West Beams Road, Sway Provision of a single temporary classroom unit
00060028RENEW NFE019 Foxhills Junior School, Foxhills Lane, Colbury, Totton Continued siting of one single storey temporary classroom (ref: 10292)
00060027RENEW NFE019 Foxhills Infant School, Foxhills Lane, Colbury, Totton Continued siting of one single temporary classroom (ref: 9256)
00059893M NF220 Searchfield Farm, Hale Extraction of clay for use in handmade brickworks with restoration to natural woodland/wetland habitats
00059881M NF001 Rechem International Limited, Charleston Road, Hardley, Hythe Bulk handling plant
00059728M NF219 Dibden Bay, Marchwood Spreading of greensand dredged from main channel & temporary storage for a period of five years
00059727M NF219 Dibden Bay, Marchwood Spreading of gravel dredge from main channel and temporary storage for five years
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