Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
00062599M NF045 Holbury II Landfill Site, Limekiln Lane, Holbury, Fawley Extension of time for tipping
00062486LB NFE017 Gurney Dixon Centre, Priestlands School, North Street, Pennington (L.B) (2) Part demolition refurbishment & two storey extension of the exisiting centre to provide a new art & music accommodation
00062487 NFE017 Gurney Dixon Centre Priestlands School, North Street, Pennington Part demolition, refurbishment and 2 storey extention of existing centre for new Art & Music accommodation
00062446 NFE027 Oak Lodge School, Roman Road, Dibden Purlieu Continued siting of one double classroom Ref:11430
00062357 NFG004 Land off Pylewell Road and ajoining public car park construct a new library on nearby site
00062309 NFE023 Brockenhurst CE (C) Primary School Removal of 2no. single temporary classrooms, provision of double temporary classroom and childerens toilet facilities, constrruction of permanent classroom
00062252 NFE023 Brockenhurst CE (C) Primary School, Sway Road, Brockenhurst Construction of single storey four classroom extension and associated facilities to rear of school
00062101 NFE016 Poulner Junior School, North Poulner, Nr Ringwood Extension of existing detached single-storey teaching building to provide two new classrooms, cover to swimming pool and extension of stores
00061999M NF222 Marchwood Wharf, Former Marchwood Power Station, Marchwood Erection of marine aggregate processing plant and ready mixed concrete plant
00061874M NF042 Efford Landfill Site, Milford Road, Lymington Extraction of clay for landfill engineering purposes
00061621 NFE035 Tiptoe County Primary School, Tiptoe Road, Tiptoe, Lymington Proposed extenstion to school to provide accommodation for SLD Children at ground floor level, new staff room within roof space, demolition of existing temp block and store/wc
00061600M NF042 Manor Farm, Pennington Variation of condtion of planning permission 049616M to enable an extension of time for tipping and restoration at eastern extension
00061364 NFE024 Netley Marsh CE (C) Infant School, Ringwood Road, Netley Marsh, Nr Totton Demolition of single storey rear additions, construction of single storey to form wc's and resources/library
00061220 NFE006 Burley County Primary School, Church Lane, Burley, Ringwood Demolition of part of non lister building in a conservation area
00061219 NFE006 Burley County Primary School, Church Lane, Burley, Ringwood Extension to 2 classrooms on west street
00060763M NF042 Manor Farm, Pennington The Environment Act 1995: Review of Mineral Planning Permissions - Application for Determination of Conditions
00060695 NFE004 Bartley CE Junior School, Winsor Road, Bartley A two storey extension to existing school and offices to provide offices for education staff
00060609 NFE029 Ringwood Junior School, Hightown Road, Ringwood Single storey extension comprising 3 classrooms in a detached building with a covered link
00060592M NF216 Area 6, Marchwood Industrial Park, Normandy Way, Marchwood Erection of lightweight steel framed building/canopy at new marine pollution reception/treatment facility
00060575 NFS008 New Forest and Romsey Short Stay Unit, Jacobs Gutter Lane, Houndsdown, Totton New Build short stay unit, single storey construction
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