Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
08/00550/CMAS TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Planning application for relaxation of conditions (condition 2: importation of waste, condition 3: lorry movements, condition 4: hours of working) for temporary period in connection with forthcoming M27 motorway improvement contract (junctions 2-4)
08/00503/CMAS TV153 Casbrook Park Industrial Estate, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, Romsey Remove fuel tanks and construct small steel framed building for the purpose of storing and bulking up metallic shavings prior to onward transportation
08/00393/HCC3S TVE005 Mountbatten School, Whitenap Lane, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 5SY To create a dedicated bus access point from the A27 directly onto the school site and to provide a stacking facility to ease congestion on the school site and thereby improving safety for users.
07/03561/HCC3N TVE054 Shepherds Spring Junior School, Smannell Road, Andover, Hants To relocate car parking facilities and create a drop off point, to create a fenced MUGA, improve security to boundary fencing, and thin down some existing vegetation
07/03260/HCC3N TVE047 Winton School, London Road, Andover. Change of Use : The proposal is to refurbish the existing school site managers house to provide a school inclusion unit.
07/02771/CMAS TV226 Roke Manor, Shootash, Nr Romsey Extraction of sand and gravel, landfilling with inert construction, demolition and excavation waste and restoration to agriculture, erection of minerals processing plant and ancillary buildings and equipment, construction of new access off A27, including demolition of bungalow
07/02559/CMAN TV178 Fullerton Wastewater Treatment Works, Stockbridge Road, Andover Contruction of plastic filter media MCC Kiosk, sand filter and cess reception MCC Kiosk and blower kiosk
07/02142/CMAS TV230 Kings Somborne Wastewater Treatment Works, Romsey Road, Compton, Kings Somborne Construction of a outfall headwall as part of new sewerage infrastructure associated with the existing Kings Somborne Wastewater Treatment Works
07/02226/CMAN TV009 North side of Thruxton Hill, Thruxton Construction of noise attenuation bund and raised hospitality viewing area using imported inert fill, enlargement of the existing secondary aggregate recycling area (ancillary to the viewing area and its restoration involving extension of time beyond the currently permitted end dates under TVN00063/76 and TVN00063/77 for final restoration and retrospective planning permission for emergency vehicle access track to the Helicopter Training Area
07/02133/CMAN TV237 C A Stevens Transport, Old Stockbridge Road, Grateley, Nr Andover For a concrete recycling site, to recycle concrete waste into a secondary aggregate
07/01543/CMAS TV228 Ashfield Tyre Depot, former Ashfield Sawmill, Romsey Tyre recycling facility for the storage, mechanical shredding, granulating and bailing of tyres and storage of recycled tyre product, comprising the construction of a new building, hardstanding, weighbridge, lighting, open storage bays, self bunded diesel storage tank, the use of mobile plant and retrospective permission for the retention of existing portable office accommodation, fencing, portable toilet and effluent tank and earth bund
07/01508/CMAS TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Proposed additional temporary offices
07/01429/CMAS TV236 Building 1 and Building 2 and land to the north east of the Waste Centre, Yokesford Hill Industrial Estate, Yokesford Hill, Belbins, Romsey Enlargement of recycling centre comprising of erection of a building, walls hardstandings, remodelling of land levels, installation of plant and machinery, provision outside processing of concrete (crushing for 28 days only) and wood shredding, storage of inert screen materials, skips and portaloos and associated parking
07/01231/HCC3N TVE036 Portway Junior School, Ashfield Road, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3PE Raise height of existing fence around swimming pool with weldmesh on angle iron extensions and erect new fence around changing rooms
07/01032/CMAN TV235 Middle Wallop Station Sewage Treatment Works, Middle Wallop, Stockbridge Installation of final effluent filter and associated feed chamber and control kiosk
07/00750/CMAS TV111 Michelmersh Brick Works, Hillview Road, Michelmersh Extension of clay workings
07/50154/009 TV233 Barton Stacey Wastewater Treatment works (WTW), Difford, Barton Stacey Construction of a ferric dosing plant, sand filter compressor kiosk and temporary site access road with boundary fence and gate
07/00604/HCC3N TVE048 Mark Way Special School, Batchelors Barn Road, Andover, Hants SP10 1HR New 2.0m hight x 54m run of round and notched palisade fencing
07/00348/HCC3S TVE053 Romsey Primary School, Mercer Way, Romsey SO51 7PH Development of former Junior School site for 1FE Primary School. Refurbishment of existing single storey SCOLA building and new build extension comprising of 3 classrooms, nursery, community room and children's centre.
07/00198/HCC3S TVE033 Romsey Primary School, Plaza Parade, Romsey SO51 8JA Provision of five temporary classroom in three units, for a period during building works at Romsey Primary School site (Mercer Way)
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