Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
TVS10280 TV213 Lymer Villas Wastewater Treatment Works, Upton Lane, Nursling Installation of humus tank and electrical control cabinet
TVN00466/3 TVE022 Hurstbourne Tarrant King George V Recreation Field, Church Street, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover Provision of new tennis court
TVN00466/2 TVE022 Hurstbourne Tarrant Primary School, Church Street, Hurstbourne Tarrant,~~Andover New hall with ancillary accommodation, new porch to front, removal of existing and temporary classroom
SCR/2004/056 TV216 West Wellow Wastewater Treatment Works, West Wellow Request for a screening opinion
TVS09152/1 TV212 Oval Road/Butlers Close Wastewater Treatment Works, Mount Lane, Lockerley Conversion of open aeration tank to covered settlement tank and installation of new aeration plant and humus tank
SCR/2004/0055 TV217 Romsey Wastewater Treatment Works Request for screening opinion
TVS.G.00005 TV211 Dean Hill Mod Site, West Dean (Notice proposed development under DOE Circular 18/84 (Crown Land)) Improvement works to sewage works
TVS10233 TVE016 Land adjoining West Tytherley CE Primary School, West Tytherley Change of use from amenity land to education
SCR/2004/0206 TV214 Stockbridge Wastewater Treatment Works, Marsh Court Road, Stockbridge Screening Opinion Redevelopment Scheme
TVS00121/5 TV209 Land at Sole Hill Farm, Sherfield English Proposed construction of a waste transfer and recycling station including the demolition of existing agricultural buildings, construction of ancillary offices, toilets and parking and improvements to access road
TVS04326/13 TV051 Ridge Farm Mineral Site, Ridge Lane, Romsey Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission TVS04326/12 (extension of time period)
TVN.LB.00545/2 TVE046 Grateley Primary School, Grateley, Andover, Hants (Listed Building) Proposal of a new general purpose hall with servery and storage new entrance/lobby are and minor internal alterations to existing and assoicated external works including a new disabled access ramp
TVN01729/3 TVE046 Grateley Primary School, Grateley, Andover Provision of a new general purpose hall with serverey and storage facilities, a new entrance/lobby area and minor internal alterations to existing and associated external works including a new disabled access ramped approach
TVS01505/18 TVE017 The Romsey Secondary School, Greatbridge Road, Romsey New external fire escape from first floor of Block E
TVS00327/4 TV210 Former game processing unit, North Houghton Manor, Stockbridge Change of use from B1 to pet crematorium
TVS.M.00005/4 TV066 Hunts Farm Quarry, Rudd Lane, Timsbury Variation of condition 1 of planning permission TVSM005/3 (extension of time for extraction and disposal activities)
TVS02930/7 TV208 Land at How Park Farm, Kings Somborne, Stockbridge Restoration of former mineral workings to grassland
TVS07592/3 TV207 Pragnells Cottages, North Lane, West Tytherley new wastewater treatment works and drainage area to replace existing septic tank and soakaways
TVN.M.00005 TV104 Hill Farm Wellsite Environment Act 1995: First Periodic Review Stockbridge Oil Field (Larkwhistle Farm, Hill Farm, Folly Farm, Chilbolton Down, Wallers Ash and Micheldever Rail Terminal)
TVS01719/3 TVG006 Jermyn's House, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Jermyn's Lane, Ampfield Extension of the use of Jermyn's House, associated parking, access and servicing ares for corporate and private hire use
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