Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
TVN06504/10 TVS006 War Memorial Hospital, Charlton Road, Andover New Nursing Care accommodation with associated external works
SCR/2003/1001 TV178 Fullerton Wastewater Treatment Works, Fullerton, Nr Andover Screening Opinion - Formation of replacment sludge cake reception bay and erection of roof coverning over existing sludge cake storage bays
TVS07513/2 TVE016 West Tytherley CE (C) Primary School, North Lane, West Tytherley Continued siting of one single temporary classroom (Ref. 12996)
TVS00465/10 TV106 Birchwood Farm Landfill Site, Dandys Ford Lane (off A27) Sherfield English An electricity generation scheme comprising 2 no. 400kw generation sets exporting 800kw to the local grid
TVS07576/5 TV163 Casbrook Common Closed Landfill Site, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Continuation of the provision of a gas extraction plant with shielded flare stack
TVN01956/33 TV177 Waste Transfer Station, Harewood Forest Industrial Estate, Andover Variation of condition 16 of Planning Permission TVN1956/23 - Use of site on all future public holidays between 0830 - 1700
TVS01722/18 TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Renewal of Planning permission for nightwatchmans accommodation
TVS01772/17 TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Replacement of site offices
TVS01369/7 TVE027 Kings Somborne CE Primary School, Kings Somborne The re-building and repairs to existing boundary walls
TVS00121/4 TV206 Sole Hill Farm, salisbury Road, Sherfield English Storage of skips various amounts
TVS02428/4 TVE042 Cupernham Junior School, Bransley Close, Romsey Removal of rotten fencing to pool area, renew in 358 sentinal security fencing3m high, colour green
TVN00254/13 TVE015 Test Valley Secondary School, Roman Road, Stockbridge Erection of sports hall with shower and changing facilities
TVN08740 TV205 Bulpits Hill Wastewater Treatment Works, Bulpits Hill, Vernham Dean New Wastewater Treatment works to replace existing
TVS05865/4 TV119 Manor Farm Landfill, North Baddesley Retention of haul road, siting of leachate tank and revision to restoration timescales
TVS08347/5 TVE035 Knightwood Primary School, Bell Flower Way, Chandlers Ford New vehicle entrance and parking arrangements
TVS09850 TV203 Manor Road Wastewater Treatment Works, East Tytherley Replacement of wastewater treatment works on site of existing works
TVN00421/19 TVE051 Winton School, London Road, Andover Installation of floodlighting to existing tennis courts
TVS00977/7 TV202 Stevens Drove Wastewater Treatment Works, Stevens Drove, Houghton Replacement wastewater treatment works on site of existing
TVS07423/2 TV204 Broughton Down Farm, Broughton Change of use from B1 to composting of non-toxic wastes
TVS08347/4 TVE035 Knightwood Primary School, Bell Flower Way, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire Extension of existing 1FE school to 1.5FE school (original approval dated 16/03/99 was for 2FE school)
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