Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
TVN00254/14 TVE015 Test Valley School, Roman Road, Stockbridge Proposed new language block
TVN00421/20 TVE047 Winton School, London Road, Andover External fire escape
TVN05600/5 TVE011 Wherwell Primary School, Wherwell, Andover Extensions to existing school building including a two storey classroom extension together with single storey group room extensions and an enlarged boiler room
TVS.M.00010/1 TV051 Ridge Farm Mineral Site, Ridge Lane, Romsey Variation of conditions 1 & 2 (extension of time) and the removal of condition 4 (restricts the type of material that can be imported) of planning permission TVSM00010
TVS00963/9 TV093 Former Refuse Site, Bunny Lane, Timsbury The restoration of former refuse tip to agriculture
TVS05746/4 TV072 Squabb Wood Landfill Site, Salisbury Road, Shootash, Romsey Retrospective application to site two temporary gas flares for a temporary period
TVN.04596/5 TV178 Fullerton Wastewater Treatment Works, Fullerton, Nr Andover Formation of replacment sludge cake reception bay and erection of roof covering over the existing sludge cake storage bays
TVN.03508/3 TV041 Andover Household Waste Recycling Centre, Shepherds Spring Lane, Andover Take down existing closeboard fencing and replace with palisade fencing
TVN06504/10 TVS006 War Memorial Hospital, Charlton Road, Andover New Nursing Care accommodation with associated external works
TVS07513/2 TVE016 West Tytherley CE (C) Primary School, North Lane, West Tytherley Continued siting of one single temporary classroom (Ref. 12996)
SCR/2003/1001 TV178 Fullerton Wastewater Treatment Works, Fullerton, Nr Andover Screening Opinion - Formation of replacment sludge cake reception bay and erection of roof coverning over existing sludge cake storage bays
TVS00465/10 TV106 Birchwood Farm Landfill Site, Dandys Ford Lane (off A27) Sherfield English An electricity generation scheme comprising 2 no. 400kw generation sets exporting 800kw to the local grid
TVS07576/5 TV163 Casbrook Common Closed Landfill Site, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Continuation of the provision of a gas extraction plant with shielded flare stack
TVN01956/33 TV177 Waste Transfer Station, Harewood Forest Industrial Estate, Andover Variation of condition 16 of Planning Permission TVN1956/23 - Use of site on all future public holidays between 0830 - 1700
TVS01722/18 TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Renewal of Planning permission for nightwatchmans accommodation
TVS01772/17 TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Replacement of site offices
TVS01369/7 TVE027 Kings Somborne CE Primary School, Kings Somborne The re-building and repairs to existing boundary walls
TVS00121/4 TV206 Sole Hill Farm, salisbury Road, Sherfield English Storage of skips various amounts
TVS02428/4 TVE042 Cupernham Junior School, Bransley Close, Romsey Removal of rotten fencing to pool area, renew in 358 sentinal security fencing3m high, colour green
TVN00254/13 TVE015 Test Valley Secondary School, Roman Road, Stockbridge Erection of sports hall with shower and changing facilities
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