County Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
TVS09206/1 TV199 Waste Water Treatment Works, 1-8 East Dean Road, Lockerley Replacement waste water treatment works on site of existing
TVS02799/21 TV153 Casbrook Park, Bunny Lane,Timsbury Variation of conditions to extend period of implementation for erecting a cover over the waste transfer station
TVS02799/22 TV153 Casbrook Park, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Renewal of temporary planning permission for a waste transfer station
TVN08571 TV198 Brookside Cottages Wastewater Treatment Works, Ducks Lane, Nether Wallop Replacement wastewater treatment works on site of existing works
TVS09717 TV197 Pilgrims Farm, Steplake Lane, Wellow Wood Road, Sherfield English To import inert construction & demolition wastes, including concrete, brick, earthspils, soils & subsoils, in place of a propotion of recycled soils permitted under a GPDO
TVN05015/4 TVE038 Balkesbury Junior School, Floral Way, Salisbury Road, Andover 3 classroom extension IT/resource and staffroom extension, admin office extension, head office ext
TVS09712 TV196 Red Lane Wastewater Treatment Works, Red Lane, West Tytherley Replacement waste water treatment plant within existing structure addition of control cabinet
TVN.CA.00163 TVH003 Lower Mill Bridge, Mill Lane, Longparish Demolition of the existing two span bridge and replacement with a new single span bridge
TVS09692 TV195 Green Pond Lane Wastewater Treatment Works, Green Pond Lane, Ampfield Addition of bucket lift elevatory, new humus tank and control cabinet to existing wasterwater treatment works
TVN08511 TV194 Pound View Wastewater Treatment Works, Smannell, Andover Improvements to Wastewater Treatment Works
TVN00254/12 TVE015 Test Valley Community School, Roman Road, Stockbridge Provision of temporary double classroom for a period (until 31/08/06, four years or less)
TVN08337/1 TV192 School Lane, Waste Water Treatment Works, School Lane, Middle Wallop Retention of Waste Water Treatment Works (revised scheme previous permission no: TVN08337)
TVN0515/3 TVE038 Balkesbury Junior School, Floral Way, Salisbury Road, Andover Provision of one double temporary classroom (unfil 31/8/03)
TVN03011/1 TV193 Verlynch Cottages Water Water Treatment Works, The Bunny, Longstock Improvements to Waste Water Treatment Works including reinforced grass access, reed bed and new irrigation area
TVS09614 TV191 Manor Farm, Manor Farm Road, Michelmersh Agricultural improvement by infilling
TVS01722/15 TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Retention of site weighbridge and associated office
TVN06331/8 TV190 Land at Owls Lodge Farm, Longparish New landforms and associated planting
TVS01722/16 TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling Relocation of Night Watchmans Caravan
TVS07205/5 TV189 Land adjoining Coombe Willow, Braishfield House, Braishfield, Nr Romsey Continued wok to stablize chalk pit faces and change of use
TVS05746/3 TV072 Squabb Wood Landfill Site, Nr Romsey Construction of a gas utilisation plant comprising a gas flare, gas engines, ancillary equipment and an access/parking area
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