Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
14/01018/HCC3N TVE021 Stockbridge Cp School, Old London Road, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6EJ Application for construction of sheds
14/00761/HCC3N TVE030 Vigo County Infant School and Vigo Junior School, The Five Schools Campus, Vigo Road, Andover Hampshire~~SP10 1JZ Classroom extension and additional resource areas with associated landscaping and parking
14/00760/CMAN TV249 Homestead Farm, Weyhill Road, Penton Corner, Andover Hampshire SP11 0QX Replacement waste handling building, additional office building, variation to the height of stockpiles, alteration to the site layout, extension of site to include empty skip storage and vehicle parking areas.
14/00765/HCC3N TVE057 Longparish School, B3048 Longparish Andover SP11 6PB Removal of existing timber and glazed cladding and the replacement of the cladding with new insulation , brickwork and aluminium doors and windows, the addition of an integral brick clad store to the existing facade
14/00297/HCC3S TVG006 The Gardens, Jermyns Lane, Ampfield, Romsey SO51 0QA Erection of Deer Proof Fence
14/00243/HCC3N TVE062 Wolverdene School, 22 Love Lane, Andover Hampshire SP10 2AF Proposed classroom extension including W/C??s and an intervention space
14/00071/CMAN TV231 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, A303 Recycling Facility, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3QS Variation of condition 5 of planning permission 12/02445/CMAN (hours of working)
14/00024/CMAS TV055 Lee Lane, Nursling, Southampton SO16 0AD Construction of Materials Recycling Facility building (MRF), demolition of existing workshop and storage buildings, construction of internal screen bund, installation of a sewage treatment facility for the office and reorganisation of the site layout including, replacement of weighbridge/office and ancillary buildings, relocation of concrete plant, parking areas and aggregate storage bays, fuel tanks ad skip storage, and drainage improvements and retention of aggregates depot and concrete mixing plant
SCO/2013/0423 TV111 Michelmersh Brickworks: School House Field and Hillside Field Request for a Scoping Opinion:
13/01755/CMAN TV231 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, The A303 Recycling Facility, Drayton Road, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3QS Minor alteration of site boundary to accommodate improved drainage and operational changes, including new weighbridge and office/welfare unit
13/01706/HCC3N TVE029 Wallop Cp School, School Lane, Nether Wallop, Stockbridge SO20 8EH Continued siting of a double temporary modular building for a further four years at Wallop Primary School (up to 31/8/2017)
13/01643/CMAN TV231 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, A303 Recycling Facility, Drayton road, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3QS Permanent facility for the processing and recycling of incinerator bottom ash to produce aggregates (IBAA) and the recovery of metals
13/01486/HCC3N TVE021 Stockbridge Cp School, Old London road, Stockbridge Hampshire SO20 6EJ Retrospective application for polytunnel
13/00955/HCC3N TVE061 Kimpton Primary School, Kimpton, Andover SP11 8NT Demolition of existing swimming pool and associated structures with the reinstatement of the area to a new synthetic turf and fencing enclosure
13/00858/HCC3S TVE044 Rownhams St Johns C of E Primary School, Bakers Drove, Rownhams Southampton SO16 8AD Demolition of Temporary Building and Proposed Permanent Classroom Extension
13/00661/CMAN TV231 A303 Recycling facility, Barton Stacey, Hampshire SO21 3QS Application for new office accommodation, car and cycling parking with associated landscaping
13/00608/CMAS TV153 BKP Services, Casbrook Park, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, Romsey SO51 0PG Change of use from general storage to a waste electrical storage and transfer facility
13/00344/CMAS TV252 Yard 25, Wynford Industrial Park, Belbins Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0PW Retrospective change of use of land from B8 storage to vehicle breaking and building for de-pollution activities with ancillary office/mess facility
13/00288/FULLS TVE044 Rownhams St. Johns C of E Primary School, Bakers Drove, Rownhams Southampton SO16 8AD Retrospective application for replacement fencing along Horns Drove
13/00208/CMAS TV072 Viridor, Squabb Wood Landfill Site, Salisbury Road, Shootash, Romsey SO51 6GA Variation of condition 2 of planning permission ref: TVS05746/7 to allow continuation of landfilling until 30 April 2018
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