Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
12/02647/CMAN TV231 Owls Lodge Shooting School, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3QS Extension of time (to September 2013) to allow completion of works and restoration
12/02570/HCC3S TVE004 Ampfield Primary School, Knapp Lane, Ampfield, Romsey SO51 9BT The proposal is to remove and replace the existing timber fencing with a new galvanised powder coated steel fencing and gate to the school at a height of 1.5m
12/02528/CMAN TVE014 Icknield School, Riverway, Andover Hampshire SP11 6LT Retrospective application for 4.7 kilowatts solar array (20 panels) on the roof of the school building
12/02445/CMAN TV231 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling, Ltd, The A303 Recycling Facility, Barton Stacey Winchester SO21 3QS Variation of condition 5 of planning permission 10/02691/CMAN to allow extended working hours only within the MRF building to increase the capacity for site to process waste and recover commodities for recycling
12/02408/CMAS TV236 Ace Liftway, The Waste Centre, Yokesford Hill, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0PF Variation of Condition 19 of Planning Permission 10/01992/CMAS (extend completion of the building for a further 18 months)
12/02192/CMAS TV118 Timsbury Manor Farm Quarry, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0NB Variation of condition 10 of Planning Permission 10/02631/CMAS (to bring forward time scale of restoration)
12/01863/HCC3N TVE061 Kimpton Primary School, Kimpton, Andover SP11 8NT Erection of 1.8m railing & gates to front boundary
12/01604/CMAS TV015 Casbrook Closed Landfill Site, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Hampshire Continuation of the provision of a gas extraction plant with shielded flare stack and upgrade comprising of bio-filter and ancillary works
12/01504/HCC3N TVE036 Portway Junior School, Upper Drove, Andover, Hants SO10 3NA Lawful Use Certificate - Solar Panels on roof
SCR/2012/0205 TV231 A303 Recycling Facility Request for a Screening and Scoping Opinion - Proposed Extension and Relocation Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA) facility from Blue Haze Landfill Site to
12/01236/CMAN TV231 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, The A303 Recycling Facility, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3QS Application for temporary permission for one year for a foamix plant for manufacturing road making materials from recycled asphalt planings (rap) including provision for storage of 20,000 tonnes of rap feedstock, storage bays and staff welfare unit
12/01198/HCC3S TVE035 Knightwood Primary School, Bellflower Way, Chandler's Ford Eastleigh SO53 4HW Installation of floodlights to artificial sports pitch
HCC/2012/0181 TVE035 Knightwood Primary School, Bellflower Way, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh SO53 4HW Continued siting for a double temporary modular building on site for a further four years
12/01045/HCC3M TVE030 Vigo Infant School, Five Schools Campus, Vigo Road, Andover Hampshire SP10 1JZ Supply Deliver and erect one double modular temporary classroom to provide Two extra general teaching spaces
12/00688/HCC3S TVE035 Knightwood Primary School, Bellflower Way, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh SO53 4HW Continued siting for a double temporary modular building on site for a further four years
12/00590/HCC3S TVE042 Cupernham County Junior & Infants School, Bransley Close, Romsey Hampshire SO51 7JT Proposed extension and refurbishment of Cupernham Infant and Junior schools with associated works to landscaping, car parks and entrances.
12/00419/CMAS TV051 Ridge Quarry Landfill Site, Ridge Lane, Ridge, Nr Romsey Hampshire Upgrade comprising the erection of Bio-filter and associated ancillary workings
SCR/2012/0058 TV111 School House Field, Michelmersh Request for Screening and Scoping Opinion: extention of the clay workings at Michelmersh Brickworks, including extraction of clay and sand reserves at the site know as School House Field
12/00197/CAWN TVH006 Waterloo or Fleet Bridge, High Street, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6EY Replacement of existing bridge deck and parapets to be demolished and replaced
12/00169/HCC3S TVG006 Jermyns House, Jermyns Lane, Ampfield, Romsey SO51 0QA Partial conversion of an existing outbuilding (referred to locally as Roberts Bungalow) to provide shared accommodation (category C4 houses in multiple occupation)
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