Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
11/02362/HCC3N TVE054 Spring Meadow Childrens Centre, Smannell Road, Andover, Hants SP11 6JR Relocation of Existing car parking spaces, within the childrens centre site, including associated landscaping and fencing. No additional parking is proposed.
11/02101/HCC3N TVG009 Verge and Land at Smannell Road, Smannell Road, Andover Hampshire SP11 6JJ Installation of a 15m telegraph pole with wifi transmitter situated at the top to support rural broadband services initiative
11/02090/CMAS TV153 Casbrook Park, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Romsey SO51 0PG Application for the installation of a picking station within the existing materials recovery facility
11/01985/CMAS TV119 Manor Farm Landfill, Flexford Road, North Baddesley Hampshire Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 06/03506/CMAS for the retention of haul road, leachate treatment tank and associated control equipment for a temporary period
11/01868/HCC3N TVE060 Land to the south east of the former Picket Twenty Farm Andover Construction of a new 210 place (C of E) primary school with associated car parking and external works
11/01789/HCC3N TVE015 Test Valley County Secondary School, Roman Road, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6HA Installation of 8no. 10m high floodlights to illuminate an existing Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
11/01427/CMAN TV246 Bryan Hirst Ltd, Bullington Cross, Sutton Scotney, Hants SO21 3QG Extension to existing scrap metal recycling yard
11/01299/HCC3N TVH002 Highways Depot, Weyhill Road, Andover Hampshire Provision of a portacabin on the site for use by contractor staff for a minimum period of five years
11/00983/HCC3N TVE015 Test Valley County Secondary School, Roman Road, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6HA Continued siting for 2 double temporary modular buildings (Ref. 711575, 713329) on site for a further seven years until 31st August 2018
11/00897/CMAS TV211 Former MoD Site, Dean Hill, West Dean Variation to condition 1 of planning permission 09/02277/CMAS to extend the time for implementation for proposed temporary site access road to the contractors compound to facilitate the new Sewage Treatment Works & Pumping Station to replace existing and associated works
11/00531/HCC3N TVE028 Anton County Junior School, Barlows Lane, Andover, Hampshire SP10 2HA Erection of modular timber framed & clad building to create drama/dance studio with integral canopy
SCR/2011/0028 TV248 10 Acre Field, Lee Drove, Broadlands Estate, Romsey Request for Screening Opinion: Proposed Anaerobic Digestion Plant
11/00026/HCC3N TVE048 Mark Way School, Batchelors Barn Road, Andover Hampshire SP10 1HR Provision of an all weather Multi Use Games Area and associated landscape works
10/02935/HCC3N TVE050 Shipton Bellinger Primary School, Parkhouse Road, Shipton Bellinger, Tidworth SP9 7TW Community room extension
10/02882/HCC3N TVE001 Appleshaw St Peters CE Primary School, Ragged Appleshaw, Andover SP11 9HR The erection of a pre-fabricated canopy to the south-east elevation at the rear of the school to provide covered play for the reception and year 1 classes to meet curriculum requirements.
10/02710/CMAS TV024 Hopkins Recycling, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Romsey SO51 0PG Redevelopment of the existing Casbrook HWRC, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, to reduce the Health and Safety Risk of customers and vehicles manoeuvring in the same area.
10/02712/CMAS TV066 R F Salvidge (Farms) Recycling, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, Romsey SO51 0PG Change of Use to retain permanently and extend recycling facility with ancillary development and activities~~Granted on appeal in 2012, see~~APP/Q1770/A/11/2161324 for conditions
10/02691/CMAN TV231 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, A303 Recycling, Drayton Road, Barton Stacey, Hampshire SO21 3QS Application for variation of conditions for PP:09/01292/HCC3N and 10/00030/CMAN dealing with site layout (condition 3) extension of operating hours (condition 4) variation to bund (condition 5) and carrying permitted waste to include commercial and industrial waste (condition 19)
10/02631/CMAS TV118 Manor Farm Quarry, Timsbury, Romsey SO51 0NE Variation of condition 1 of planning permission TVSM00008/2 to extend the time necessary to complete restoration of the site
10/02615/CMAS TV226 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, Roke Manor Quarry, Shootash, Romsey Hampshire Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission 07/02771CMAS to vary the red line planning boundary
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