Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
W00414/01-0100055HCS WRE015 Shepherds Down School, Shepherds Lane, Compton, Winchester Extension/adaptions to existing school to provide facilities for children with complex learning difficulties
0002546HCS - W01528/ WRE009 Western CE (C) Primary School, Browning Drive, Winchester Proposed two classroom extension and extension to hall
0002414HCS - W16862 WRG015 Southstoke Farm, Kings Worthy, Nr Winchester Erection of steel framed building for agicultural use to house milking parlor, dairy and loose boxes
0002269HCS W07271/07 WR089 Household Waste Recycling Centre, Garnier Road, Winchester Vairiation of condition for extension of time
W01443/07-0002179HCS WRE025 Ridgemede Junior School, Oak Road, Bishops Waltham Outdoor Classroom Amphitheatre
0001522HCS W08323/04 WRS006 Cornerways OPH Church Lane, Kingsworthy Canopy to new entrance to day centre and porch to existing main entrance
0001329HCS-W11401/11 WRE007 Perins Community School, Pound Hill, Alresford New drama facility, laboratory extension and internal refurbishment
0001308HCS-W00207/11 WRE036 Medcroft Opportunity Centre, Sparkford Road, Winchester Continued siting of one single temporary storage container (Ref: 12030)
0001204HCS W00871/13 WRE013 Henry Beaufort Community School, East Woodhay Road, Harestock, Winchester Provision of one double & one single temproary classroom
0001127HCM W1481/9 WR142 Landfill Site, Brickyard Road, Swanmore Variation of condition to add one years to the life to the landfill and recycling facility
0000916HCS W16121/01 WRE031 Meonstoke CE Infant School, Chapel Road, Meonstoke Provision of one single temporary classroom unit
0000894HCS W00871/12 WRE013 Henry Beaufort Community School, East Woodhay, Harestock, Winchester Provision of one double temporary classroom
0000893HCS W02822/07 WRE034 Droxford Junior School, Union Lane, Droxford Continued siting of one single temporary classroom (Ref: 9280)
0000302HCS W16333/01 WRE041 Newtown Soberton Primary School, Church Road, Newtown Retrospective application for privison of one single temporary classroon (for one year) during building works
0000124HCS W09417/04 WRE026 Durley Primary School CE(C), Durley Brook Road, Durley Alterations and extensions to provide new classroom accommodation and new mulit-use hall area
0000123HCS W05283/03 WRE042 Stanmore Primary School, Stanmore Lane, Winchester Alterations and extensions to provide new classroom and information communication technology suite, including removal of two temporary classrooms
0000097HCS W16333 WRE041 Newtown Soberton Infant School, Church Road, Newtown, Fareham Two classroom extension and connecting corridor and removal of 2 temporary classrooms
0000096HCS W11401/10 WRE007 Patchwork Nursery, Perins Community School, New Alresford Extension to existing nursery to provide a new day room
9902415HCS W08323/03 WRS006 Cornerways Older Persons Home, Church Lane, Kings Worthy, Winchester Additoinal car parking and access drive to new Day Centre created within existing Older Persons Home
9902342HCM W16294 WR179 Disused railway line Kings Worthy and South Wonston, Winchester Operation of a materials recovery facility for inert waste
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