Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
9801812HCM W11890/04 WR137 Frith Lane Sandpit, Frith Lane, Wickham Variation of condiiton 1 of Planning Permission W11089/02 to extend the time period
9801781HCS W15707 WRG012 Itchen Farm, Off Hockley Link, Compton, Winchester Erect steel-framed extensions on both ends of existing building to provide additional covered yarding for loose housing of livestock
9801762HCS W01218/05 WRE037 Sun Hill Junior School, Sun Lane, Alresford In order to stop balls going into neighbours gardens it is proposed to remove existing fencing & replace with 2.7m high galvanised weldmesh on box channel posts
9801533HCS W15659 WRG011 Buildings at Church Farm (now amalgamated with Attwoods Drove Farm) Otterbourne Road, Compton Change of use of loose boxes to 10 livery stables and construction of sand exercise area for horses
9801459HCSW15632 WRG010 Coxcroft Farm, Compton Street, Compton, Winchester Erection of livestock building
9801317HCSW00207/09 WRE036 Medcroft Opportunity Centre, Sparkford Road, Winchester Provision of one storage unit (lockable container)
9801268HCSW00967/08 WRE005 Swanmore Secondary School, New Road, Swanmore New general teaching, block with support services and alterations/upgrading of existing internal spaces
9801259HCSW09036/09 WRE017 Cheriton Primary School, Cheriton, Alresford Extension to rear of existing building and mazzanine floor in existing hall
9801260HCSW09036/08 WRE017 Cheriton Primary School, Cheriton, Alresford Resiting of existing tmeporary classroom and siting of a further one (alternative proposal)
9801261HCSW09036/10 WRE018 Land rear of Cheriton Primary School, Cheriton, Alresford Resiting of existing temporary classroom and siting of a further one
9800947HCSW05861/26 WRE004 Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester To erect a four classroom extension and laboratory 'remodelling' to the 'main' teaching block at the school
9801134HCSW01361/07 WRE016 Otterbourne C of E (C) Primary School, Otterbourne, Winchester To build a new 4 class extension, demolish 2 existing temporary classrooms, erect a new temporary classroom for the duration of the works
9800812HCSW0282/05 WRE034 Droxford Junior School, Union Lane, Droxford Provision of one single temporary classroom unit
9800747HCSW02091/07 WRH004 HCC Vehicle Maintenace Depot and Salt Store, B3035, Bishops Waltham Erection of salt storage barn for winter maintenance purposes
9800578HCSW13603/5 WRG009 Compton Manor Farm Buildings, Main Road, Compton, Winchester Proposed change of use from redundant farm building sto use for storage
9800539HCS-W04457/09 WRG003 Hampshire County Council Offices, Castle Yard, The Castle, Winchester Erection of 3 12.0m Flagpoles
9800312HCMW02380/16 WR086 Funtley Landfill Site, Titchfield Lane, Wickham Application to vary the approved PP W02380/02
980036HCSW13062/01 WRE011 All Saints CE (C) Primary School, St Catherins Road, Winchester Community room extension and additional external works
9800125HCMW01481/07 WR142 Landfill Site, Land north of Brickyard Road, Swanmore Landfill, Soil screening and recycling
W09036/079800109HCS WRE018 Cheriton Primary School, Cheriton, Alresford Continued siting of one single temporary classroom (Ref 10937 to accommodate numbers on roll. Expiry October 1999
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