Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
9701127HCS WRE028 Sparsholt CE (C) Primary School, Sparsholt, Nr Winchester Continued siting of three temporary classrooms (ref: 11763, 11764, 11765)
9700844HCS WRE033 Wickham Primary School, Buddens Road, Wickham Single classroom extension and courtyard infill
9701001HCS WRE024 Colden Common Primary School, Upper Moors Road, Brambridge, Winchester Replace existing perimeter fencing with 2.4 metre high galavnised weldmesh on galvanised box chanel posts
9700859HCS WRE050 Curdridge School, Church Lane, Curdridge Proposed new playground
9700688HCM WR086 Funtley Landfill Site, Titchfield Lane, Wickham Variation of condition 1 of planning permission W02380/16 to allow receipt of local authority waste on public holidays
9700450HCS WRE020 Itchen Abbas Primary School, Itchen Abbas, Winchester Continued siting of one single temporary classroom (ref: 8890)
9700451HCS WRE023 Micheldever Primary School, Micheldever, Winchester Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (ref: 9232)
9700452HCS WRE015 Shepherds Down Special School, Sheperd Lane, Compton, Winchester Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (ref: 8922)
9700433HCS WRE007 Perins Community School, Pound Hill, Alresford Erection of a new swimming pool
9700130HCS WRE032 St Bede's Church of England (Controlled) School, Gordon Road, Winchester Partical demoltion of single storey additions, construction of 2 classrooms and resource and kiln room, enlargement forward of their present line, internal alterations
9700222HCS WRS005 Red Hatch, Andover Road, Winchester Alterations of existing building, provision of new build residential unit, re-organisation of existing car parking arrangement
9700120FUL WRE028 Sparsholt CE(C) Primary School, Sparsholt, Winchester New extension incorporating administration suite, library, 3 classrooms and new entrance, new gas storage tanks and 3 temporary classrooms
97/00050/HCM WR018 Otterboune MRF, Poles Lane, Otterbourne, Winchester Renewal of temporary planning permission for a materials recycling facility
9602846HCS WR125 Morestead Wastewater Treatment Works, Morestead Road, Winchester Installation of new plant at existing wastewater treatment works to provide enhanced secondary treatment
9602733HCS WRE004 Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester Removal of conditions 4 & 7 of W05861/22 & W5861/15 respectively which restricts access to community facilities
96/02530/FUL WR081 Foster Yeoman Depot, Botley Station Goods Yard, Station Hill, Curdridge Temporary variation of condition 13 of PP: DRD4056 (vehicle access/exit hours)
W06854/7 WRE015 Shepherds Down School, Shepherds Lane, Compton Conversion of residential school to primary day school with some extension & referbishment, conversion of staff houses to education office & formation of coach turnaround
96/02199/HCM WR176 New House Farm, Northington, Alresford Infilling of two former chalk pits (A & B)
96/02203/HCM WR176 Newhouse Farm, Northington, Alresford Infilling of disused slurry lagoon with inert material (Site C)
W03011/05 WRH001 Land at Bar End Road, Winchester Construction of 428 space park and ride and amenity building - extension to existing facility
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