Strategic Planning

Complaints Form

If you consider that a breach of planning control is occurring at a minerals or a waste site, or a minerals or waste activity is taking place without planning permission you should contact a monitoring officer. You can do this in writing, by telephone or by using our online complaints form below. If you wish to make a complaint online, please fill in the form and click the Submit Form” button.

Breaches of planning control should be reported as soon as possible. This will allow the County Council to investigate and remedy the problem without delay. Any complaints received, whether it concerns permitted sites or unauthorised activity, will be investigated and the complainant will receive a response explaining what, if any, action has or will be taken. Complainants will be treated confidentially as far as practical.

The online form should be used for complaints about a site only and not where you have a complaint about a member of staff or the service you received from the County Council.

Types of incidents that the County Council are interested in include

Unauthorised development
Tipping of waste on land (not fly tipping)
Extraction of minerals
Storage and sorting of waste, e.g the storage of skips loaded with waste
Breaches of Planning Condition
Sites operating outside of their permitted times
Lorries depositing mud on roads when they leave a site

You can also send an :
(The size of the attachment cannot exceed 10MB.)